Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I have a picture that hangs on my wall in my bedroom. Every time I look at it, it brings a smile to my face. When my sweet grandma passed away, my co-workers had a picture framed for me. At first glance, it is not a picture that I would suspect that anyone would give to someone who has had a loved one pass away. It doesn’t have a tender saying or quote nor does it have a picture symbolizing returning home. It is a simple picture of a sunflower meadow. I love sunflowers so this picture truly brings a smile to my heart.


But as I ponder this picture, I have come to love it more than ever. It represents the Savior in our lives. I am not sure if you know much about sunflowers but there is one thing that I absolutely love. Sunflowers turn their faces to the sun. When the sun moves, the sunflowers follow.

Their faces are always towards the sun.

Where are our faces (or thoughts or our heart) turned towards? Are they turned to the Son—meaning the Son of God? Each time I look at this picture, it reminds me of my life and the importance of our Savior in my life. I am so grateful for constant reminders that help me turn my heart to the Son.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

One thing that I absolutely love is homemade soft chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I do. I love them so much that they make my heart (and tummy) smile. Didn’t I just say the same thing about Mom’s Taco Soup yesterday? Ha Ha. Anyway, I had to drop off some documentation to Vieve and guess what she had made…

Day 26(Vieve’s picture)

You got it. Chocolate Chip Cookies. She gave me a little package of them. Oh my goodness, I am definitely in heaven as I eat these cookies. They are simply divine. If you would like the recipe (which I highly recommend), drop on over to Vieve’s blog and print out her recipe. I promise, you won’t regret it.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Soup-it warms the heart (and the tummy)

Sometimes when you have everything going against you, someone comes through and warms your heart. I have had a lot going on and just needed to be at my parents’ home tonight. It is a place where I can go and just feel secure. Tonight was one of those nights. When I showed up, my mom was making her delicious Taco Soup.

DAY 25

Aw…I just love this soup. It truly brings a smile to my face. Isn’t awesome that something so simple can bring warmth to your heart (and your tummy)?!

Taco Soup

2 cans of diced Tomatoes, undrained

2 cans of Kidney Beans, undrained

2 cans of Black Beans, undrained

2 cans of Corn, undrained

1 large can of Tomato Juice

1 lb. of Hamburger

1 pkg of Taco Seasoning

Cook hamburger and drain grease. Pour into crockpot. Add tomatoes, kidney beans, black beans, corn, tomato juice and taco seasoning. Cook on low for 4-6 hours. Serve with tortilla chips, sour cream and shredded cheese.


Sunday, April 27, 2014


th (1)

Today has been an extremely long day, so tonight I went for a walk.  When I left it felt a little on the cool side but I didn’t think much about it because it felt nice.  As I was heading back home, I got caught in a huge down pour.  I loved it. I almost started singing but it was a little late and I just might have woken up the people in the houses that I was walking past.  As I walked home, I had a huge smile on my face. I love rain.  It is so refreshing!! I love the sound of the pitter patter as it hits the rooftops. By the time that I arrived home, I was drenched-wet head to toe!! So, what did I do, I slipped into my pajamas, grabbed a blanket and curled up next to window to listen to the sound of the rain.

Aw…it was peaceful. I love these kind of nights.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Love her smile!!

Ok…this girl makes me smile…


We attended Brylie’s dance competition today. She did great!!! I love how she gets so excited when she is out on the floor. She concentrates so hard with biggest smile on her face. It is so fun to watch. Aw…I love this girl so much. She truly melts my heart.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Soft, clean sheets need to be my focus…


One thing that I do not like to do is…laundry. It makes me depressed and ornery. I am not sure exactly why it makes me feel that way but it simply does. I do not like sorting closes, washing them, drying them, folding them and definitely not putting them away. It drives me simply crazy. Seriously, I have no clue why it is brings on this melancholy disposition but it does. I try so hard to be excited or even be neutral but it doesn’t happen. NEVER. I have turned on music to liven my mood during my laundry process but it doesn’t work. I have tried watching a movie but that doesn’t work. So, I have arranged it in my life to do laundry once a month. It makes my life a little simpler so that I can only be depressed and ornery (when it comes to laundry) one day out of thirty-one instead of several times during the month. Anyway, today was laundry day and guess what? I was so sad and ornery. Nothing has changed.



When all of my laundry was put away and my bed had clean sheets on it…I smiled. I LOVE CLEAN SHEETS!!! I love the smell of them and the softness of them. I guess at the end of the whole laundry process, I can look forward to jumping in between my soft clean sheets and falling into a deep deep sleep…now that brings me happiness.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Two amazing people…

10153801_10202876970378149_1490310676819772910_nI cannot believe that today my parents are celebrating the 50th Wedding anniversary. I am so happy for them because 50 years is a long time.  I am lucky to have them as my parents and grateful that they fell in love many many years ago.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! Love you so much!!!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A cookie & a hug to save the day!


Today has been a rough day. One of those days that you wish that you would have stayed in bed instead of enduring through the roller coaster filled with much frustration and heart ache. As I was sitting at my desk, I received a text message telling me to go out to my car. It was from Vieve—my dear friend who I miss so much. Vieve left work last week never to return and I miss her terribly. Anyway, I jumped up out my chair and ran out the door. I was so excited to see her. Look what she brought me…


and inside that cute little sack was…


a delicious sugar cookie.

She knew exactly what I needed---one of her special hugs and a delicious cookie. I am so grateful for her random acts of kindness-they truly bless my heart. Thank you, kind friend, for knowing exactly what I needed to just get through the day!! It truly brought happy tears to my heart!!


Happy Birthday Brylie!!!

20140423_182221Seven years ago, I became an aunt for 5th time and I cannot even begin to share how excited that I was. Brylie has touched my heart in so many ways from the very first time that I was able to see her to this very day where we get to spoil her with lots of love. She truly is my hero and I am so grateful for her amazing example that teaches and helps me to have the desire to be a better person. I am grateful that she is my little best friend—without her my life would be lost. I cherish her hugs and her kisses and the many hours that we spend talking. I just love her questions of what I am wearing to work to what I am wearing to bed. Oh, her questions never grow old. Love you Brylie!!! Happy Birthday sweet little friend of mine!!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Surrounded by so many smiles…it is exactly where I wanted to be.

I cannot think of any other place that I would rather have been tonight than right where I was.  I was surrounded by so many smiles and giggles.  These sweet girls rock my world!!!  I am truly blessed. 


I am pretty sure that this feeling is close to heaven.  I love them with all my heart!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Sometimes…there aren’t any smiles left!

Sometimes…some days…some moments…there aren’t any smiles left!  I cannot seem to find one today because today was awful!!  Remember that I had surgery last Tuesday?  Well, I was put on some serious antibiotics that takes away your immune system. I was warned not to get by anyone infectious and I really tried not to.  Guess what?  I did.  I caught a secondary infection which lead to the most painful two days.  Today…I was taken back in…no numbness…just drilled and packed…TEARS!!! 

So tonight…I am curled up in my chair with my blanket…wishing that I was on a beach…




Sunday, April 20, 2014

Because of Him


I had the privilege and opportunity to teach our sweet young women in my ward today…Easter Sunday.  It was incredible.  I cannot even begin to share how I felt as the Spirit testified to the young women how much our Savior loves each one of them…individually.  As I sit her tonight, I ponder the amazing peacefulness that I felt.  I am truly grateful for all that He did for me.   He has made it possible that I can return back to the presence of our Heavenly Father.  Because of him, death is not the end and life does take on a new meaning. 

day 17


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Being a mom for the day!!!

I received a message that one of my sweet little friends needed a “MOM” for a little while and she asked if I would just step into that role. See, her family is out of the country and has been gone for quite a while and she misses them terribly. I gladly stepped into that mode and we decided to hang out today. I don’t think that she will truly understand how that made me feel…it made me feel special in a very lucky way. We had so much fun!! We made bread, cupcakes, laughed, giggled, talked and talked and talked. I love spending time with her. She is so much fun and has so much love for life. Her smiles are contagious and she is just…well, simply incredible.


She wouldn’t hold still to let me take a picture…she was too busy being silly. 


isn’t she just adorable?


This picture was taken after she blew up powdered sugar all over my kitchen.  She was trying to show her “Sorry” face!!  Oh, I just love this girl. 


Look how amazing these turned out…they are carrot cupcakes…just in case you were wondering what they were. I had so much fun today.  This girl makes me truly smile…inside and out!!!!  I am grateful that I was able to be a mom today…it simply made my day!!!


Friday, April 18, 2014

It is truly bittersweet.

Words cannot even describe how I feel today…it is one of those bittersweet moments when I am not sure if I should be excited or if I should just melt down in tears. For the past 8 years, I have worked with a very dear friend of mine, We have done everything together.  We go for walks, we have mini devotionals.  We walk to the breakroom together.  We sign-up for the same time slot for massages.  We take breaks together.  We laugh, cry, laugh, cry and laugh some more together.  We help each other.  We CONSTANTLY tease ease other.  She is my sweet friend and I will admit…TODAY IS DIFFICULT!  You named it…we did it together. 

For the past little while, she has been contemplating some changes in her life and she made that leap of faith and used all the courage that she has to leave her job.  Well, today is her last day and I wanted to make it special for her. Gosh!!! I am going to miss the random split second conversations, giggles and tears!!! We had so much fun!!

We had Jamba for breakfast. Then, a few of us met up for lunch at Hu Hut for lunch. Aw…deliciousness!!!  I simply love that place. 



Then to top off the events at the end of the day, we had COSTCO’s chocolate cake!!

day 15

Gosh!!! I am going to miss this girl. She truly makes me smile.  I just love her so much!!!  My dear friend, I will miss everything about you but I am so glad that we are amazing friends and will still talk all of the time!!!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

I love to lend a helping hand especially when I get to work my creative brain!

I received a call from a friend of mine that needed some help in the creative area of her life. I love to help others and I love to create things so I was willing to sacrifice a few hours in her behalf.  Aw…I just love helping people.  It truly makes me smile!!  Tonight, I felt important to be asked to help with such a thing. 

This is what I ended up creating…


What do you think? I sure hope that she likes them when she sees them printed and ready to go.


Her school colors are blue and yellow…so, I quickly ran to my favorite envelope store and purchased some yellow envelopes.

day 14

Package ready to be sent to Colorado for her!!  Aw…I hope that she likes them.  Hmmm….I love to lend a helping hand especially when I get to work my creative brain!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It was a perfect day for a pedicure…at least that is what we hoped!

Who knew that I would love having a pedicure?  Not me!  I don’t like feet and I do not like toes.  They are just some of the weirdest things that we have on our bodies.  I guess that I should rephrase that, I do not like adult feet or toes but babies toes have to be the cutest things ever.  Well, my sweet friend and I have been looking forward all day to the pedicure that we would have the privilege to be spoiled after a long day at the office. I kept watching the clock all afternoon because I was so excited.  See, we haven’t had much luck with finding a great place to be pampered.  We are not really that picky but lately, we have picked some winners (sarcastically speaking).  The people have just not been pleasant the service has been pretty poor.  Well, we heard of a place across from Sam’s club near the Provo Towne Mall that had great reviews. 


Hmm…they definitely are not getting great reviews from us.  They were so grumpy and rude.  Maybe you should step on over to Vieve’s blog and check out her story of this whole adventure.  **SIGH**  I wish that we could find a place that makes us happy and excited about our toes.  My little Vietnamese lady was a little nicer than Vieve’s but…I guess, I will just say that I will never return to that place again. 

To leave this post on a better note, I am grateful for the opportunity to share this experience with an amazing friend!!!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I am grateful for antibiotics!

Today was a day that I have not been looking forward to since I received word that I would be going back into surgery AGAIN!!  Two weeks ago, I had a dental cleaning and they found two black spots on my bones.  The thing is I do not have any cavities that would lead to any infection nor have I had any cavities that were filled anywhere near these two black spots.  They were concerned that it could be some type of cancerous spots that were growing in my bone.



After my dentist consulted with my orthodontist and my periodontist, they decided to go forward to try to figure out what the black spots were.  So, Tuesday afternoon, I went in for surgery but since they needed to keep me awake to make some decisions, they chose to not put me under. I was so terrified. They also did not want to disturb my braces so they went from the back of my mouth and drilled through the bone.

When I arrived, they took a zillion x-rays and then started to prep me for the procedure. They numbed me with six different shots and then covered me with the x-ray padding, plastic and rubber. They blocked my throat so that the stuff would not fall down my throat and then attached these drains to the outside of my mouth. CLAUSTOPHOBIA!! All I could do was pray that I would be able to make it through this without having a panic attack.

After drilling these two spots and taking several different x-rays they ruled it as not being cancer.

No cancer!

What a relief that was…tears started flowing from my eyes and I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was so happy. They ended up drilling those two spots—they were full of infection. The thing that is so strange about all of this is that there is no cavities and have been no cavities near these two spots. They could not figure out why I had these two spots but I am so grateful that they are not cancer. They drained the two spots and I still have to go back in a few weeks to be checked again but today I cannot describe the happiness that I feel. For the next little while, I just have to be careful to not get near anyone that has an infection.  I am on some pretty serious antibiotics and…I am so grateful that is all I have to take.  Life is good!!


Monday, April 14, 2014

It is a day earlier than expected!

It the night before tax day and guess what? 


I am finished!!!  All I have to do is put a stamp on this envelope and place it in the mail bin!  I am so happy!!!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

A book, a pencil and a powerful testimony.

Do you know what I love to do?  I love to teach.  I love to feel the amazing sense of peace when I can see that the young women are connecting with what is being taught.  I just love it.  It is such an incredible feeling.  Today was no different and it was awesome.  I love it.  Today, I was able to guide the discussion in our lesson the importance of the Book of Mormon.  I was so excited to share the love that I have for the Book of Mormon with them.  I gave them a Book of Mormon and pencil.


I challenged them to read, mark and ponder the Book of Mormon.  Pres, Ezra Taft Benson taught, “There is a power in the Book of Mormon which begins to flow into your lives the moment you being a serious study of the book.  You will find power to resist temptation.  You will find the power to avoid deception.  You will find the power to stay on the straight and narrow path….You will find life in greater and greater abundance.”  I truly believe what he has taught.  I know that if these young women seriously study the Book of Mormon their lives will change for the greater.  we decided as a Laurel’s group, we are going to read and then write our testimonies in front of this powerful book.  After doing this, we are going to share our Book of Mormon’s with someone that is waiting to hear about the gospel.  I am so excited for this challenge.  It truly brings a smile to my face and heart. 


Saturday, April 12, 2014

A beautiful day at the temple.

It was such a beautiful day spending it with these amazing young women. Our young women have had the privilege to receive permission to attend all of the LDS temples in Utah. When I found this out, I decided that I really wanted to make this happen. I listed the temples out and calculated the distance. There are a couple that four hours away…those were going to be the ones that we would really have to plan out our schedules to make it happen. We chose the Monticello LDS Temple to be the first one that we attend and today was the day.

Bright and early this morning, we left for the Monticello temple to perform baptisms for the dead. Finally after traveling for which seemed liked forever, we arrived.



autocompress1397883374897 (1)

We were treated like were so important…the real red carpet kind of importance. Actually, it was even more amazing than that!!  We had the privilege and opportunity to listen to a member of the temple presidency as he bore a beautiful testimony of the Savior.  I cannot even describe how I felt as I listened to this sweet man as he testified of service that our youth were performing today.   



After the baptisms, we headed back to Moab for a delicious picnic lunch.  I love spending time with they girls.  They truly make me smile and they bring so much happiness into my heart.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve with them and to be a part of their lives.  I truly am blessed. 

As we were about to leave Moab, a thought—no, it was definitely a prompting—came to mind that we needed to pray for safety as we traveled home,  All of the youth were already in the vehicles but there was such a strong prompting to pray.  Chris, our young men;’s president, called everyone back out f the cars and called on one of our twelve-year young men to offer the prayer.  He asked our Heavenly Father for protection as we made the long trip home. 

Everything was going as planned except, I missed the turn off and we were about 30 minutes off of our path.  It was just so much fun listening to these young women and sharing stories with them.  Anyway, we were about an hour away from home, when I felt this amazing sense of peace.  As I felt it, I was pondering the reasoning for this incredible feeling that I was experiencing.  I wasn’t sure why I was having this moment until everything took place.  We had just come around one of the mountain bends, when I noticed two trucks pulling camping trailers.  I was traveling in the fast lane and they were traveling in the slow lane so that meant that there was an empty lane between us.  I went to pull over into the middle lane when I felt like I needed to stay where I was.  At that moment, I glanced over and noticed that the tire on the rear driver’s side was coming off.  (Note:  we are traveling at about 70 miles an hour at this point.)  I begin to slow down a tad bit but the tire flipped off the truck and bounced away from us. It was like we were in a bubble—it should have hit us.  The driver was trying so hard to keep the truck and trailer from flipping over when the rim came off towards us.  I felt like everything was in slow motion as the rim came towards us.  I swerved and we missed getting hit by the rim.  If we would have been hit, the rim would have went through my passengers side window and hit the young woman in the passenger seat and traveled back and hit the young woman in the back passenger seat.  The rate that we were driving and the rate that the rim was coming towards us, we would have some pretty serious injuries.  But, the thing was…I did swerve but I wasn’t the one that was in control of my car.  I felt like someone was driving for me.  After we missed getting hit by the flying rim, we were hit by the cover on the bearings.  The truck and trailer finally came to a stop and I pulled over in front of them and stopped.  I felt this amazing peace as I was sitting in the car (trying not to let my tears flow).  Finally, I got out and checked my car and there wasn’t any damage. We had been completely protected. 

For the next several minutes, we talked about the feelings that we felt.  I had this amazing sense of peace as I testified to these sweet young women that we had been on the Lord’s errand and He had protected us.  I am so grateful for the sweet words of a twelve year-0ld when he pleaded with the Lord for our protection a couple of hours prior to this incident.  We witnessed it first hand.  We truly had been protected.  I am so grateful for all that took place today.  I know that we were extremely blessed and I am so happy to know that we are all ok. 


Friday, April 11, 2014

Pickled jalapeño carrots for breakfast!!

I struggle with figuring out what I can have for breakfast each morning and I get completely frustrated having the same things over and over.  So, this morning, Vieve and I decided to venture out and share a delicious breakfast burrito.  When were on our way to pick it up from the local Betos, I remembered that they also served delicious pickled jalapeño carrots. Aw…my mouth started to get really excited to be able to taste these delicious carrots. 


Pickled Jalapeño Carrots for breakfast…don’t mind if I do!

I am not sure that it would be considered a perfect delicious breakfast but for me…it truly was.  Every bite was simply delectable!!!  What is so hilarious is that they hand them to you in a little baggie with a huge jalapeño in it.  Aw…delicious!!!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

It’s about to get wild around here.

The second Thursday, I have the privilege and opportunity to spend a couple of hours with some of my dearest friends and my mom teaching them how to create three different cards.  We have lots of fun creating and making mistakes and creating some more.  Spending time doing what I love with people that I truly care about is sweet happiness.  I love it. I love to watch them create.  I love to laugh and giggle with them.  Tonight, we created three fun baby cards using the stamp set  Wild Wonders from CTMH . Oh, the paper is Baby Cakes also by CTMH.  I love this stamp pad and this paper is so much fun!!  Look how adorable!!

day 7

the trio of cards


a monkey

20140410_201111a hippopotamus


and a giraffe!!

I am so glad that I have wonderful friends that love to create cards with me.  They truly bring smiles to my heart and soul.  I look forward to this night each month.  Come join us, I am sure that you would have lots of fun.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Aw…I love delicious food!!

Tonight as I was driving home from work, I started thinking about what I wanted for dinner.  Nothing seemed enticing until a though popped into my head…Hu Hut!.  Last month, I had gone out to dinner with my family to a delicious place…a place that I was kind of hesitant about going but since I was with family, I knew that I really couldn’t go wrong.  Hu Hut Mongolian Grill is located in Spanish Fork and it is simply delicious.  You create your own Asian stir-fry  adding only what you want.   Aw…it is simply delicious!!  I usually had meat and veggies but there is so much more to choose from.  It is awesome.  Anyways,  I really wanted to eat there tonight so I called my parents and invited them to go with me. 


Aw…it was simply delicious.  My heart and tummy were so happy.  I am so glad that this place popped into my thought process tonight.  I was able to eat lots and lots of delicious veggies!!!!  Aw….I love delicious food and I am so happy.  My tummy is content!!


P.S.  If you need someone to go with you sometime, pick me.  I love that place!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I created my very own stationary!!

I love paper.  I love notebooks.  I love pens.  I love cute things. I love writing letters but most stationary doesn’t have lines and I have to have lines because it drives me crazy when my handwriting is not straight.  So…I was thinking of all these wonderful things that I love when a thought popped into my head.  So, I started to create.  I printed off a bunch of papers using different colors for the font and cut them into the most perfect size.  I then dropped them off at KINKOS and they glued them together.  (I had no idea that they could do that…this could be way too much fun).

day 5

Viola!!!  I have my very own stationary pad!!!  Isn’t this pad simply adorable?!   Every time I look at it, I just smile.  I know that I am silly but….hey, little simple things bring a smile to my face and heart.  Aw…I am excited to write some letters on it.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Cookie Dough Cupcakes

I love to bake but like I have said many times before that I don’t like to bake just for myself. Having 24 cupcakes or 4 dozen cookies or a huge pan of brownies in my house would definitely put me over the edge until they were all eaten. The problem with that would be that I would be the one eating every single one of them. So, since my new assignment in our church, I have the opportunity to relish in amazing excitement on Monday evening and make treats. I love it. I am get so excited when I start thinking of the possibilities that I can make for my sweet young women for their Tuesday night activity. I absolutely love it. 

When Vieve brought delicious looking treats into work today, When I tasted them, I knew that I needed to make some for tomorrow evening.  The girls will love them.  I just know that they would.

day four

They were really easy to make and they truly taste like cookie dough.  DELISH!!!


Want the recipe? 

Cookie Dough Cupcakes

1 box White Cake mix
3 eggs
1/3 cup oil
1 cup milk
1/2 cup sour cream or plain yogurt
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 cup mini chocolate chips

Cookie Dough Frosting
1 1/2 cup butter, softened
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/3 cup flour
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 pinch salt
2 TB milk
2-3 cup powdered sugar
Mini Chocolate Chips (for decoration)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line pan with cupcake liners. In a large bowl, combine eggs, oil milk, sour cream and vanilla extract until smooth. Stir in cake mix and chocolate chips. Fill cupcake liners 3/4 full and bake for 15-20 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean. Cookie Dough Frosting: Beat butter. Add vanilla extract, flour, brown sugar and salt and beat again. Add in about a tablespoon of milk, and 2 cups of powdered sugar. Add more milk and powdered sugar, until you reach your desired consistency. Pipe onto cooled cupcakes and top with mini chocolate chips.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tomato Soup gravy and homemade meatball with mashed potatoes and corn!

Last night when I was getting ready for bed, I was thinking of I wanted to have for dinner today.  A delicious (well, I think it is delicious) meal popped into my head.  It is one that my mom makes—tomato soup gravy and homemade meatballs with mashed potatoes and corn.  I know that it seems weird but let me share something with you, it is delish!!!  I almost called my mom and asked if we could have it for Sunday dinner but I pushed that thought away and finished getting ready for bed.  When I woke up this morning, I started thinking of that scrumptious dinner.  I kept thinking that I wished I would have called my mom and made the suggestion of having it for dinner. 

Anyway, this afternoon when I walked into my parents kitchen, I smiled!!!  A huge smile!!!  Guess what we were having for Sunday dinner?  Aw…I was so excited and this definitely makes me happy!!

day three

During dinner, I asked Mom a zillion questions of where this recipe came originated and how it came into our family.  She said that when she was 6 years old, she and her family traveled to California to stay at her Aunty Ruby and Uncle Mac’s home for vacation.  One evening, her aunt Ruby made this for dinner and they absolutely loved it.  She taught my grandma how to make it and when my mom grew up, my grandma taught my mom.  Mom has been making it for our family for as long as I can remember.  Isn’t it awesome how things such as recipes are passed from one generation to the next?  I absolutely love it!!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

I love having a little best friend!


day two

Today, I was able to spend a lot of time with my little best friend.  I love her so much and she truly brings a smile to my face. She brings so much joy to our family.  She says the most random and crazy things that just bring plenty of giggles and sunshine to everyone she is comes in contact with and I just don’t seem to get enough of her.  She just brings so much happiness to my heart and soul.  Today, she came up to me and said, “Guess what, Aunt Michelle?” I responded with, “What?”  Then she quickly melted my heart with, “I love you!”  Aw….I love this girl!!!


Cutting down trees

On the edge of my parent’s property are some trees that needed to be cut down.  They were unhealthy and each time a storm would come, they feared that they would drop on their home.  So, since it was a beautiful afternoon, my dad and my brother decided to take one on the task.




Shad had to climb the tree to appropriately fasten the rope so that it did not fall onto the neighbors fence or house.



Then, Dad took his chainsaw to it.





and waiting…


and then wanting to help…


Once the trees were almost down…Brylie decided that she wanted to dance on the stumps…


It definitely was a perfect spring day to be outside and enjoy the sun!!