Saturday, October 1, 2016

the best fall ever...

WOW!!  It is October 1st and I am so excited.  Fall is upon us and I couldn’t be happier.  Please, do not get me wrong. I absolutely love summer but there is something about hoodies, quilts, hot chocolate, the cool crisp mornings, and definitely cuddling up with a great book that completely warms the heart.  As I have thought a lot about the endorphins that have completely consumed my heart and body, I decided that I wanted to create a list (I am all about list making) to have the most incredible fall ever.  I want to create amazing memories and keep these endorphins alive and growing!!  Awlet this beautiful season begin

My ultimate guide for the best fall ever...
  1.  Make apple cider
  2. Visit a corn maze
  3. Play backyard football
  4. Roast marshmallows
  5. Go hiking
  6. Read outside
  7. Bake Rice Krispies treat
  8. Make a “thankful for” list
  9. Have a popcorn movie day
  10. Go pumpkin picking
  11. Eat corn on the cob
  12. Try a new pumpkin recipe
  13. Make a granola/trail mix
  14. DIY a front door wreath
  15. Make pumpkin bread
  16. Visit a farm
  17. Drive through the mountains
  18. Go horseback riding
  19. Paint or carve pumpkins
  20. Create a  Halloween costume
  21. Go on a hay ride
  22. Create a leaf craft
  23. Make caramel apples
  24. Have a picnic in the park
  25. Rake leaves
  26. Make candy apples
  27. Learn the history of Thanksgiving
  28. Have a fall photo shoot
  29. Make a breakfast casserole
  30. Update fire alarms
  31. Make a scarf
  32. Eat candy corn
  33. Bake a pie
  34. Watch a football game
  35. Go on a bike ride
  36. Make sugar cookies
  37. Visit a corn maze
  38. Go through Summer clothes
  39. Watch the Sunset
  40. Hike the “Y”
  41. Make a pumpkin smoothie
  42. Have a game night
  43. Make a quilt
  44. Decorate house for fall
  45. Go on a nature hike
  46. Do a random act of kindness
  47. Burn some candles
  48. Make chili
  49. Watch a fall movie
  50. Watch a sunrise
  51. Try a new flavor of hot chocolate
  52. Go window shopping
  53. Dry apples
  54. Make a new Thanksgiving dish
  55. Jump in a pile of leaves
  56. Make a bouquet out of sunflowers
  57. Buy a new notebook
  58. Borrow a book from the library
  59. Visit a Farmers Market
  60. Go on an early morning walk
  61. Start Christmas shopping
  62. Read a mystery novel
  63. Go star gazing
  64. Make apple cupcakes
  65. Make a pumpkin craft
  66. Create a “gratitude” scrapbook page
  67. Play in the rain
  68. Learn how to make bread
  69. Have a pedicure
  70. Make homemade ice cream
  71. BBQ
  72. Watch a sunrise