Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Four amazing daughters of God…I am blessed to know.

I have many inspiring people in my life and I am so grateful for each and every one of them. They have touched my life in ways that are indescribable.  They have helped me become the person that I am today. As I took a few moments to ponder these incredible people, my thoughts turned to four amazing young women. I have had the privilege to teach them, to laugh with them, to cry with them, to have fun with them but most of all…to be inspired by them. They are growing up to be beautiful daughters of God.


Sister Valentine in Australia


Sister Liston in California

Sister Lehman and Sister Wheatley (2)

Sister Wheatley in California


Sister Yeo in Thailand

Each one of these sweet young ladies has chosen to serve an eighteen-month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where they are testifying each day of the love of our Heavenly Father has for each one of us. I have received countless letters from them and I love hearing from them. I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives. They truly are inspiring. The letters that I receive from them come with words of wisdom and love at the exact moment in time that I need them. I am truly blessed because of them. It is an incredible experience to open, read and ponder each letter. I love to read their testimonies and to feel the love that they have for our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ. They are powerful. They are inspiring. They are daughters of God. I love them so much. I miss them but I know that they are where they are supposed to be… experiencing incredible adventures to bring them closer to our Heavenly Father.  I am so proud of them.  These special friends truly are amazing young women!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

I love the Olympics!!


I love the Olympics!!

Olympics 5

I love listening to the stories behind these amazing athletes.


I love listening to the National Anthem as the US flag is being lowered.

olympics 3

I love the smiles that we see and the tears of joy that are shed.

la-sp-oly-notes-20120730-001I love the determination and endurance of these incredible athletes.

I love the red, white, and blue.

I love watching the parents, families, friends and fans as they cheer on the US athletes.



Saturday, July 28, 2012

I am bleeding too death…

Have you ever slept in your bathtub? Is it on your bucket list?  A few weeks ago, I purchased a new bedroom set. Finally, the night before the delivery, I found some time to clear everything out of my bedroom and clean my carpet (thank you Mom and Dad).  As we were finishing up with the carpet, my mom asked where I was going to sleep.  At that moment, I realized that I did not have any place to sleep. Jokingly, she suggested that I should sleep in my bathtub. I thought about it for a few minutes and decided that it would be the most perfect place to sleep.  I had already placed all of my bedding in the bathtub and it did look a little comfy…

2012-07-14 09.30.49

I piled all my blankets and pillows in the bathtub and settled down to go to sleep.  The first couple of hours, I was cozy and comfortable.  Then I woke up…I thought that I had cut off my arm.  It was all tingly I couldn’t move it.  I couldn’t figure out what caused that little situation.  Finally, after regaining the feeling in my arm, I fell back to sleep.

All of a sudden, I woke up.  I could feel this warm thick liquidy substance all over me.  At first, I thought that I was bleeding too death. Yes, that was my first thought…I am bleeding but I am not in pain.  I knew that I was going to die since there was so much blood.  I didn’t dare move. Finally, gaining all of the courage that I could get, I flipped on my light.  It was bubble bath.  Vanilla Sugar Bubble Bath.  

Somehow and sometime during the night…I had knocked the bubble bath off the shelf, the lid came off and drained out of that bottle.  It was everywhere. I was covered in bubble bath.  My blankets and pillows were covered in bubble bath. Bubble bath was everywhere. Have you ever cleaned up a spilt bottle of bubble bath?  It isn’t that easy.  But…my bathroom did smell simply delicious!

…I should have slept on the couch. 


Thursday, July 26, 2012

I know who I am!

Hello…I am back!  It has been a long time but I am back…better than ever!

Today…I would like to share a quote that has helped me remind me of who I am.  The past couple of months have been a time in my life where I have had to truly figure out who I am.  Luckily, I have had amazing friends and family who have been there to listen, laugh, and cry with me.  If you are struggling…these statements are powerful.  Read them.  Ponder them.  Find out who you truly are…I know that I am a daughter of God.


I am of great worth and I know who I am.

I truly am a daughter of God!