Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why do these creep me out?

   I love my car.  Yes, I do!!  I love it especially when it is clean and shiny.  Oh, yes, I do!!  But, to keep it all clean and shiny…I have to wash it.  Ok…so, let me share with you one of my fears.  I do not like car washes.  They scare me.  They creep me out and I get all nervous inside when I enter one of those buildings.  Lots of thoughts go through my mind while I am waiting for the thingy majigs to perform their specific duties.  Some of those thoughts are…


What if the big roller machines break my car windows…what would I do?


What if they stop in the middle of the wash…what would I do? 

carwash 2

What if there is a creepy man hiding out in the car wash and he jumps into my car…what would I do? 

Yes, these are bizarre thoughts but they are real inside my head.  Plus, I dislike watching the rollers go by because I feel like my car is moving…see I just get all creeped out when it comes to those car washing places.  But…hey, it has be done and I have to conquer my fears sometime.  So, as the thingy majigs are washing my car…I decided to focus on taking pictures.   Ha Ha!!!  Guess what?  It didn’t work…I was still creeped out.  What if those giant octopus cleaning things really did attack…who would rescue me?  UGH!!!

Well…at least my car is clean and shiny!!!

Have a great day…snickering!!!