Saturday, September 29, 2007

A new beginning....

I love this time of year. When summer is changing to fall, when the leaves are changing colors, when the weather is cooling down(oh, I love sweater & sweatshirt weather), LDS General Conference is around the corner and it is the start to a new beginning. I once heard someone (oh, how, I wish I could remember who said it) say that General Conference time is like a new beginning. It happens every 6 months and it is a perfect time to reflect on what you have done since the previous General Conference. The thoughts and questions that might be asked--were you kinder to one another? Were you more thoughtful? Were you more restrained in criticism?Were you more generous with compliments? It is a nice time to rethink how we are doing and what we are doing. What can we work on during the next 6 months? How can we be a better person? Is there anyone we can help?

Tonight, I attended the LDS Relief Society broadcast at the Conference Center with some dear friends. It was amazing!!! I had never been inside this incredibly beautiful building. Let me just was FABULOUS!!! Even though this building is structurally beautiful, the spirit inside was more incredible than I can describe.

As I think of the all things that I could & would have been doing on this particular Saturday evening, I am grateful to know that I was in a place where I was suppose to be. I am grateful to be in the same builiding as our Prophet, President Gordan B. Hinckley and other amazing leaders. The words that were spoken by our General Relief Society Presidency and by President Thomas S. Monson were exactly what I needed to hear. In fact, I felt that the things that were spoken were directed in my behalf. Isn't it fabulous when you feel that way? I am grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint. I know without a shadow of doubt that this is the only true church upon this earth.

Even thought it was cold and stormy outside today....Today was a beautiful day and a great way to start a new beginning!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

oh, deliciousness....

Ever since I was a little girl, my true treat in life was to go to the office supply store. I could and would browse the paper aisle for hours. Oh, this was heaven for me. I was easily bribed to the do the dishes, vacuum, or whatever it may be just to go the "paper" store. Then, as I grew-up, paper is still a delicious treat. Oh, so many scrapbooking papers to look at and to touch, papers that are bright & cheery, papers that are more matted and dull, papers that have words all over them, papers...papers...papers--oh, I know that I am in heaven when I am surrounded by fun and exciting papers. Maybe this is one of the reasons that I love being a CTMH consultant. So, when I received the most delicious treat in the mail today--the "From Me to You Card Kit", I knew life was simply FABULOUS. As I opened up this box of happiness, all the worries and stresses seemed to disappear for a time. I know, definitely, that I am in heaven.

People might think that I am crazy when it comes to scrapbooking and card making, but I just remind them that they probably do not know what heaven is all about. For this is my world-my sanctuary-my heaven--the world of paper, ink, ribbons and stamps--my stress relief!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Embarrassed...once again...

Have you ever been so embarrassed that you have had to laugh so hard, or you might just start crying? I have had this type of experience more than once. So, let me relate one of my most "embarrassing" moments–and to all those that would love to laugh along with me, please read on. A few years back–I am not sure what the exact year was–I could take a look back through my journals and find exact day. But in the essence of time, I will continue on with my story.

So,it happened on one Easter weekend. This particular weekend, I am sure that I will never forget. I had been in the hospital fighting a .6 millimeter Kidney stone. It had been a rough week full of pain meds. Anyway, I had just been released and was staying at my parents home. I was bored and wanted to get out of the house but had to be careful not to over do it. My mom suggested that Crystal (my fabulous best friend at the time) and I should take my grandmother’s car to the gas station and fill it up with gasoline. We thought that would be an adventure worth taking.

We pulled up to the gas station and waited in line to get gasoline. The lines were especially long since it was Easter weekend. So, picture in your mind-lots and lots of people at the gas station. People filling their boats, 4-wheelers, trucks, cars, and so on up with gas. Inside the gas station were even more people purchasing drinks, ice, treats, and so on for their Easter weekend adventures. This particular gas station has a huge window in the front of it. (This is a very important detail). People are watching others as they pull in and out of the gas station. Finally, it was our turn. We get out and fill Grandma’s car up with gas. Then, I ran (okay, I walked slowly due my recent hosptial stay) into the gas station to pay for the gas. As I turned and was walking out of the gas station, I tripped over something. As I looked down, I was completely mortified to see that my pants had fallen completely off of me and what I tripped over was....yes, you are right...MY PANTS. I start to hear the laughter coming from inside the gas station and then, the laughter from the people outside filling their vehicles up with gas. So, I picked up my pants and ran. No, I would say that I SPRINTED to the car. I opened the car door and dove into the back seat. I was completely mortified.

Well, that is not the end of the story. I had grabbed a 10 dollar bill out of my purse instead of the 20 dollar bill. So, I needed to go back into the gas station to pay the remaining amount of money. I was laughing so hard because I knew if I did not laugh, I would start crying hysterically. I begged and begged Crystal to go pay for it. By this time, she is laughing hysterically in the front seat of the car. Finally, after bribing her with everything that I owned, she went to pay for it.

As she approached the gas station, she could hear the outrageous laughter coming from within. The clerk was laughing so hard she had to run to the bathroom, people in line were hysterically laughing and all Crystal could say–"this kind of thing happens to her all of the time."

Well, time has passed since that embarrassing moment and I never thought in a million years that I would have to relive such an event. It happened CHURCH.

Once again...another story to laugh with me begins...I checked my clothing calendar (yes, I do have a clothing calendar) and today’s outfit was my blue sweater and my white with blue, red & green polka-dots skirt. Since, I have been visiting the gym quite frequently, my skirt is a little big around the waist. I thought to myself. WOW!!! It will be quite a comfortable Sunday if I wear this skirt.

So, as I was walking out of the church, my roommate, Melanie screams. I looked down as I trip over my skirt. It has fallen to my ankles and once again, I am completely mortified. I pick up my skirt and run for the car. All I can say is I hope and pray that no one was able to witness this embarrassing moment and thank goodness I wore a slip. My mom had always enforced the importance of wearing a slip. Now many years later, I am thankful that I did heed to that advice–ESPECIALLY TODAY. Thanks MOM!!!

Thanks for laughing with me!!! Have a great day and always wear a SLIP!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

What I want to accomplish....

This morning as I sitting in church, I started going through my scriptures. Might I add, I was not reading them, I was trying to find my ticket to the upcoming Relief Society Conference and thought came to me..."where did I put my ticket?" Side note: my Stake has the privilege and opportunity to attend the Relief Society Conference in the Conference Center. I am so excited!!!

Okay, back my story. I was going through my scriptures when I came upon my list of things that I want to accomplish before I pass on from this life. I started this list about 4 years ago when Jen, one of the most incredible people I have ever met, spoke to our Young Women about setting goals. Let me tell you a little bit about Jen. Jen was attending BYU when she came upon an ad in the newspaper. It was about the USA Bobsled team. They were holding try-outs. Jen had never been in a bobsled, but decided to take the plunge and attempt the try-out. Well, she made it!!! Oh, my, she is FABULOUS!!!! She is such an incredible inspiration to me!!!

Anyway, she encouraged us to make a list of things that we wanted to accomplish before we died. That night, I started my list...4 years later, I am still adding to my list. I have accomplished a couple of things that were listed. I just love the thrill of crossing things off my list. As I was re-reading my list, it reminded me that I needed to be more focused in life and have more adventures. So, friends, here is my list:

I will accomplish these things one day....

  1. learn to plant tulips
  2. visit Nauvoo
  3. finish my bachelors degree
  4. get married in the temple
  5. Read the whole series of "The Work and the Glory"
  6. Run in the St. George Marathon and FINISH IT!
  7. Learn how to make bread
  8. Learn how to make pies
  9. become Debt FREE
  10. Become a millionaire
  11. Ski the Swiss Alps
  12. Tour Italy
  13. Visit & tour Russia
  14. Own a Jeep
  15. Buy a house
  16. Learn how to play the piano
  17. Plant a garden
  18. have a baby, or two, or three...
  19. Have a scrapbook lay-out published
  20. have a card published
  21. Write a book
  22. Have a book published
  23. Ski-dive
  24. Tour New York
  25. Have $5000 in Savings
  26. Have $1000 in Checking at all times
  27. own a Nissan Moreno
  28. graduate from Law School
  29. Plant roses
  30. visit the Church History Sites
  31. drive a jeep at "Jeep Week" in Moab
  32. Take a photography class
  33. Run in the 4th of July Parade
  34. Serve a Mission
  35. Try Yoga (really try-not pretend)
  36. Tour Europe
  37. learn to Snowboard
  38. Read Jesus the Christ
  39. visit Central Park
  40. go River-Rafting
  41. climb Mt. Timpanogaus from front to back
  42. eat ice cream in Switzerland
  43. Ride in a Horse-drawn carriage
  44. drive a Jet ski
  45. Learn to wind sail
  46. Speak at the pulpit in the Conference Center
  47. own a scrapbook store
  48. ride on a sail boat
  49. learn to quilt
  50. decorate a tree for the Festival of Trees
  51. Go to Disney World in Florida
  52. Go Para-sailing
  53. eat a danish in a Denmark bakery
  54. Be a stay at home mom...okay stay at home working mom (Gerb made a comment the other day...that when her sweet husband goes off to work, her work day begins...I really liked that comment. Thanks Gerb for putting it all into perspective!

There is no rhyme or reason for the sequence of my list...I just sat down one day and started a list. I love how it continues to grow, but I even love it more when I mark things off.

My question to you is...."what do you want to accomplish in life...?"