Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It is all about the color green!

mowing_the_lawn_large It has been an interesting few days.  I am at a lost of what to do.  I know that there is plenty to do but, I am not sure where to start.  I have been busily working on young women camp items for the past 6 months and now it is all over—I am not sure where to spend my time.  I have found that I have a lot more time on my hands.  It is such a weird feeling.  I like it but, I miss all of the little things that I was working on. 

Tonight I drove over to my parents home.  I love their yard.  The lawn is so green.  Not just the normal green….but, the deep dark green.  Oh, I just love it!! Plus, there are lots of flowers blooming everywhere.  My mom has incredible sense of growing things.  Everything  always turn out so beautiful. 

Anyway, Mom was out working in her lawn.  So, I decided to help mow her lawn.  I have to admit…I love mowing lawns.  I find it very relaxing.  It usually takes about an hour and half to mow the entire yard.  It is great!!  Just think…an hour and half of just relaxing, thinking, relaxing and thinking some more.  WOW!! 

What a delightful day!!


Monday, June 29, 2009

What’s that coconut in my chocolate?

coconut_jpg_300x1000_q85My friend, Abs, dropped by my desk this morning  to give me a taste of her treat.  I did not recognize the white package but, when she dropped the delicious chocolate morsels in my hand.  They looked like M&M’s but, they did not taste like them.  They were some sort of coconut-chocolaty thingies.  

These little delights were simply fabulous!!   I love them!  I asked her what I was tasting.  She said they are the new M&M’s.  Oh my goodness, they are so yummy!!  WOW!!  I am glad that they put coconut in my chocolate.  They are simply divine!!! 

So, I am sure all of you have heard of the NEW M&M craze.  If you have not, you must try them.  They are simply fabulous!!  

Have a great day eating Coconut M&M’s!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

It was all worth it!!!

For the past 6 months, we have been planning for this past week—young women’s camp.  It seemed that every ounce of energy and every extra minute was put towards planning a wonderful camp.  I am grateful for each moment of preparation.  These young women are definitely worth it!!! It was great!!!


What an awesome week!!!  In fact, it was completely incredible!  We had the most amazing YCL’s that were part of our camp.  Each one of them brought something unique and special to our camp.  I am so proud of each one of them.  They were full of enthusiasm. They were full of love and excitement!  I can not say enough about these wonderful young women!  I love them—each one of them!  Now that the week has passed, my heart sort of…let’s see…I think that I could describe it as “achy”.  I miss them.  I miss their smiles!  I miss their laughter!!  I miss their precious spirits!!  Oh, it was a fabulous week!!!  It was well worth all of the late hours, the stressing moments, and the sleepless nights.  Yes, it was completely 100% worth it!! 

Oh, what a beautiful week!!!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

a view from the pulpit…

provotabernacle-3  Stake Conference time is a where I feel like I can gain a little bit of energy in my testimony or maybe a sense of rejuvenation.  I have always enjoyed it.

This time,  our Stake President asked us to be prepared (warned us)  to share our testimony.  The thought crossed my mine—“what if he called me to share my testimony?”  Of course, I quickly dismissed that thought because there are thousands of people that attend Stake Conference that have amazing testimonies and would be able to touch so many people.  I don’t feel like I am one of those types of people.   So, I never really thought much about it after that moment.   I know that I have a testimony and I know that it is as strong as it needs to be for me to endure life.  Often when people bear their testimony, I start to compare mine to his or hers.  Lately, I have tried really hard to just focus on mine and not to compare it to others.  Sometimes, the focusing works and sometimes it doesn’t.

So, the general session of Stake Conference was today.  I sat in the balcony (I will admit…I love sitting in the balcony because there is a greater view of people to watch).  Anyway, my friend, Jen, sits down, leans over and asks, “So, Michelle, are you ready to bear your testimony today?”  I giggled.  I was not feeling any type of anxiety nor was my heart pounding with nerves.  I assured her that I was not going to be called upon.  I told her that I was not nervous and if I was going to have to share my testimony—I am sure that the Spirit would testify to me (and the nerves and anxiety would have already started). 

It was almost 3:30 pm, the Stake President stands and announces the rest of the meeting.  There would be 2 more speakers and then, the following people will need to gather their thoughts together to share their testimony.  He announces the first name—I giggle because I know the person that he just announced.  Then, life stood still when I hear, “…and then we will hear from Sister Michelle Gren…”

Are you serious?

ARE YOU SERIOUS?  Yes, I did say it quite loudly.  The people around me heard what I said and started to laugh.  I could not believe that this was happening to me. 

As I made my way down from the balcony, I realized just how many people were in attendance.  I was not sure if I was going to have a heart attack—my heart was pounding so loudly. 

As I listened to the person before me share his testimony—he shared experiences and scriptures of all sorts.  I started to think that I was so inadequate to share my testimony.  I really did not have anything to offer.  My heart started pounding and I thought that I was going to pass out.  Then, a thought came to mind—”Why are you comparing yourself to the person talking.  The Stake President called upon YOU to share YOUR testimony-that is all he has asked YOU to do.”  I started to breathe a little bit better.

I waited until the appropriate time and started up the stairs to the pulpit.  If you have been in the Provo Tabernacle, you know that there is a zillion stairs to climb.  I kept thinking…don’t trip, don’t fall, don’t pass out…don’t trip, don’t fall, don’t pass out…

As I stood at the pulpit, there was an amazing view--thousands of people gathered together to worship.  It was the most breath-taking view.  I can not even describe it.  All of a sudden, there was an amazing surge of energy that filled my whole entire body.  It was so exhilarating!!  I was able to share my testimony…my very own testimony.  The things that I shared, I truly believe and know.  I am grateful for that powerful experience!!  It was incredible--the feelings that I felt inside are indescribable.

…and it all came from a view from the pulpit.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Worshipping the Porcelain Goddess…Not for me!

Have you ever felt that you  were not feeling that great?  Or you did not wake up with the normal excitement for life?  Or you were not sure if the reason you lost that UMPH for a good day is the HUGE list of things you still needed to accomplish?  Or is it that you were fighting some dreadful bug (but, there is no way you are going to slow down)? 

Well. let me share my story…On Monday evening, I started to feel a tad bit under the weather. (Ok…I don’t think that it started on Monday evening—in fact, it started a few days prior—but, it was Monday evening when EVERYTHING hit!) 

For the next 48 hours, I found myself worshipping the Porcelain Goddess.  Some people might enjoy worshipping that way but, as for me, I do not!!  In fact, I would rather be doing anything else or be anywhere else than finding desire in such an event!NMP073

As the world continue to exist around me, I found myself becoming more lifeless only returning to have a serge of energy to run to the bathroom again to continue worshipping.  I was starting to think that if I continued this type of worship, the next thing I would find myself is throwing up many vital organs.

But, during my 48 hour stay in the upper two rooms of my home, I became very grateful (and in some cases more aware of) for the following:

  • a very clean bathroom—thank goodness for OCD issues with cleaning my bathroom
  • a very clean toilet bowl---you can guess the many reasons for this simple delight
  • bright colors (orange and pink)-two perfect colors for a bright and cheery bathroom
  • cold, clean tile—the best place to fall asleep
  • DVD players—there really isn’t anything great to watch during the day
  • My Mom---who dropped off chicken noodle soup and Sprite (even after getting pulled over by Mr. Policeman and receiving a ticket)
  • comfy sweatshirts—to keep me warm and keep the chill away
  • thick warm quilts—thank goodness, I haven’t put them away!

As for today…I am grateful to be back to work and only use the bathroom—to go to the bathroom!!  Indeed, I am grateful to not have to worship that way again!!


Monday, June 1, 2009

I love waterfalls---if they are outside!

I love the sound of waterfalls.  I love to watch the water fall from the mountains but, I do not love the sound of water falling from my kitchen ceiling nor do I love to hear the sound of water hitting my wood floor.

  As I left for work this morning, I ran back into my house to grab my yogurt.  As I made the turn into the kitchen, the most amazing waterfall was falling from my ceiling.  I had a huge flood.  My first thought was that of “pretend that you did not see anything and go to work.”  Of course, the responsible me started grabbing buckets and pitchers to catch the falling water.  It was coming out of the seams and out of the light fixtures. DSC00119   (One of many pitchers that was filled with yucky water!)

There was water everywhere!!  It was crazy!!  I ran upstairs to figure out where it was coming from—it was coming from the master bathroom AGAIN!! 

Yes, this is NOT the first time this has happened.  I can not believe it happened to us again.  It was crazy!!!

After many panic phone calls and many quick prayers… the phone rang and I hear, “I am standing at your door.”  No, it was not a knight in shining armor, it was the guy in the blue truck.  And it was not there to save the day…BUT…he ended up saving my day!!  Thank goodness for such a person to serve a helpless, panicked, tired, etc…person (ME) !!  Mr. Blue Truck guy…you, TRULY, will be blessed!! 


Remember to smile….even when it is difficult to do so!