Thursday, September 30, 2010

mail…how I love it!!

mailbox I know that we are in the day where we enjoy instant gratification.  We text.  We email. We make a phone call.  We get an answer immediately.  I enjoy all of those things.  I love to text.  I love to email and I really love to talk on the phone.  Today I was watching a movie where there were letters being sent back and forth.  It started me thinking about how much I really love “snail mail.”  I love to write letters!  I love making and sending in cards!  I love little handwritten notes!  I love sending special little things in the mail.  With all of that, I love receiving letters, notes, cards and special things in the mail. 

As I sit here tonight, I realized that I love addressing the envelope and putting the stamp on it.  I love taking it to the post office and dropping it in the little slot and imagining the person smiling when they receive the letter or the card or that special something from me.  I hope that it brings warm fuzzies into their lives.  I hope that it brightens their day.  I hope that for a split second (actually, a lot longer than that) that they know that I truly care about them and I was thinking of them. Just a simple act…I hope that they know that they are important. 

I know that when I receive such things even if it is a piece of toilet paper with a simple message on it…it brings those warm fuzzies into my heart because someone thought of me.  AW…warm fuzzies…I just love them!!

Just a thought…send some warm fuzzies to someone you love!