Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Youth Service Project…

Tonight, we took our youth the Community Action Services and Food Bank.  We were able to sort cans of food, make Senior bags and stock shelves.  The presentation beforehand was powerful as they explained how they help families in our community that do not have any money…not even to purchase a loaf of bread.  Our youth were awesome and excited to help.  I am so grateful to serve with so many wonderful little friends.



Afterwards, we headed on over to Wendy’s for delicious Frostys!!



Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Angels all around us.

Remember when I was diagnosed with Salzmann’s Nodular Degeneration of the Cornea disease?  Let’s get real…you probably don’t.  HA HA!  Anyway, after a few years of watching the growth of the disease attack the eye and causing some distortion in the imagery, I was referred to a cornea specialist.  I ended up having surgery and guess what?  I lived through it.  J  

So…let me share a powerful experience. On Thursday evening (prior to my surgery), I felt a strong impression that I needed to have a priesthood blessing. Everything had happened so quickly and I was feeling a tad bit anxious.  One day I was at the eye doctor—a simple eye check—just something you get checked every year—two days later I am with a cornea specialist scheduling surgery.   I was anxious and felt a lot of concern for what was going to happen.  The blessing that I received was powerful.  I was told that Heavenly Messengers would be sent to be with me throughout the surgery and that there would be Heavenly Messengers that would be sent to steady the surgeons hand and with his expertise and the expertise of these Heavenly Messengers, the surgery would go as expected and that my eyesight would be restored perfectly.  The amazing comfort and peace that I felt during and after the blessing was something that I really cannot describe other than…WOW!!  I thought about that phrase all night long.   

The following day, as I waited in the waiting room of the surgical center, I started to become anxious again but the phrase from my blessing came into mind.  Peace was restored and the anxious feelings were no longer there.  As they prepped me for surgery the thoughts of those Heavenly Messengers—whoever they are--were intriguing.  They opted to not give me the valium that they were planning on and they proceeded with the surgery. 

At one point, Dr. Wilkinson said that I was going to feel intense pain (seriously, it was like a million needles stabbing the inside of my eye) and that it would only last a few seconds.  Let me tell you that a few seconds felt like eternity.  When the pain increased, I felt myself being surrounded by this amazing powerful peace.  I FELT those Heavenly friends as they reached out and comforted me.  How do I describe that feeling?  I am not sure that I can describe it.  It was like…I can’t even put into words how I felt.  It was…indescribable.  It was powerful.  I felt my entire body relax and remained relaxed throughout the rest of the surgery.  I felt so much comfort.  So much peace.  It was powerful.  I know that it sounds funny to people who do not have a glimpse of what the other side is like but it was so real.   

Each day, I have felt the healing powers of the priesthood.  I am so grateful for the comfort that I felt that day and continue to feel throughout this healing period.  I know that there are angels that are sent to comfort us and help with the tender mercies from the Lord.  I can never deny that.  NEVER!  I know that it is true.  I have had so many powerful priesthood blessings—blessings that reiterate that I am supposed to be here at this time and that my life has been sparred many times.  I know that my our Heavenly Father is real.  He knows us--individually and wants us to know and feel of His love and His comfort.  

I am grateful for living angels in my life.  I stayed at my parent’s home and was wonderfully spoiled while I regained sight in my eye.  I had plenty of sweet friends that called or stopped by.  My dear friend, Vieve, dropped by this basket filled with delicious treats!!!  Aw…I was spoiled and definitely blessed.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

an ant and a contact lens--a story that touched my heart!

My thoughts have been on a story that I heard today during church.  An elderly man went to the pulpit to share his testimony.  He shared the story of a young woman—I am not sure of her age but somewhere around late teens early 20’s.  I am not sure if it was his granddaughter—well, that really doesn’t matter because the most important thing is that I learned something from the story—something that truly touched my heart. 
Ok, back to the story… She was rock climbing and as she was almost to the stop of this cliff, her rope hit her in the eye and she lost her contact lens.  She needed her lens to see.  She said that she said a silent prayer that was something similar to ”Heavenly Father, you know every leaf that falls and every pebble on this mountain.  I know that you know where my contact lens is.  I need it.  I need it to see.  Please help me find it.  I cannot see without it.” 

She started back down the cliff when she came upon a group of climbers.  One of the climbers asked if she knew of anyone that lost their contact lens.  What?  Seriously??  He had been scaling the rock when he looked out in front of him and an ant was crawling across a rock with a contact lens upon its back.  Can you believe that?  That is too crazy!!
Her prayer was answered. 

She went home that evening and told her dad.  Her dad being a graphic artist drew a picture of an ant crawling across a rock.  He added the caption, “Father, I have no idea why you are asking me to carry this.  It does not taste good and it is heavy but since you asked me to carry it, I will carry it.” 
As I thought about my own life and some of the doubts that I have been having, I received a powerful witness that our Heavenly Father is there.  He understands what we are going through.   He knows are challenges.  He knows what makes us happy.  He knows us.  I truly felt it. 

Then,  I thought of my keys. Yes, my keys.  I lost my keys and I could not find them.  I prayed and I could not find them anywhere.  They were lost.  I prayed and prayed.  I searched and searched.  I could not find them.  Finally, already late for work, I found them.  Grumbling, I headed to work.  As I entered the freeway, there was an accident.  The thought came to mind, “didn’t you ask me to protect you first?” I had asked earlier in the morning for protection.   My prayers had been answered but He was protecting me first, delaying me so that I wouldn’t have been in the accident.  I forget how often our prayers are answered and most of the time, when I am not even realizing that they are being answered but they are.  He knows us.  He knows every leaf that falls, every pebble on a mountainside, every car on the freeway and most of all where every set of keys have been set.  He knows every heart that is ready to receive the gospel and every missionary that is serving.  He knows everything and everyone.  He knows exactly what is in our hearts and how we feel.  He hears our prayers even when it is locate a contact lens on the side of a mountain or a set of keys that have fallen behind a cabinet; He knows the heartaches that we feel and the failures that drive our hearts to become negative but through everything that we experience He is there for us…individually.  He loves us so much and all we have to do is be patient and listen and most of all, ask.

I don’t think that I have needed a testimony to be shared as much as I needed this one today.  I have thought about this elderly man’s powerful words all day long.  They have truly touched my heart.  I am so grateful that he acted on a prompting to share his beautiful testimony.  So grateful!!  My heart was touched in so many ways and it just created an amazing sense of peace that I have been feeling lately but needed to feel it even more today.  I am continuing to wake up spiritually and I am so grateful for it.  I am so grateful for these moments where my heart is blessed to have so much peace. 
Hmmm...just wanted to share today. 
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goodbye 2014...Hello 2015!!

I am grateful to say goodbye to 2014 and I am ready for 2015.  I hope that this year, as I strive to do the best that I can, the following desires, hopes, and dreams become not just items written on paper but truly a part of my heart and soul.…

I want to grow more spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.
I want this year to be the best year that I have had so far in the many years that I have lived.
I want to grow closer to our Heavenly Father.
I want to become the best person that I can be.
I want to live up to my full potential.
I want to become a better friend to my family and friends.
I want people to feel like they are a better person when they leave my presence.
I want to become more physically fit.
I want to stay out of debt so that money is not bondage.
I want to laugh more.
I want my heart to be touched in ways that bring me closer to the Spirit.
I want to feel good about myself.
I want to be more organized with items, time and stuff.
I want to smile more.
I want my faith to be unwavering.
I want to be a true follower of Christ.
I want to be a good example to others.
I want to become more knowledgeable in the gospel.
I want to become more knowledgeable in lots of things.
I want to love running. I want to run to relieve stress.
I want to be kinder in word, thought and action.
I want to attend the temple more often.
I want to trust people.
And of course—have a husband!! :)
I will try my hardest to make this year the happiest year that I have ever had.  I know that there will be trials and moments along the way but I am grateful for so many things in my life that truly make me ME!.