Monday, February 25, 2013

Aw…it is my birthday!!!

Hi…today is my birthday!! WOOT!! WOOT!! It was filled with a great amount of warm fuzzies. I was spoiled 100 percent and at this moment, I am completely overwhelmed with happy thoughts!! I love my family and friends. I arrived at work and found my desk decorated with amazing decorations and fantastic presents. Aw…I was spoiled!!!  Thanks Vieve for making my day at work simply amazing!!  Breakfast…Kneaders.  Lunch…The Brick Oven.  Dinner with my family at Texas Roadhouse.  (I am not sure that I want to eat ever again…so much delicious food).  Aw…today has been great!!


There definitely wasn’t any room to work.  What a delightful day!!


Aw…I love being spoiled!!!


Thank you dear family and friends for helping me celebrate another year.  I love life and today was one of the best days ever!!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

It was a delightful day at our Camp Kick-off Carnival!

For our Annual Camp Kick-off/First-aid Training, we decided to have a carnival.  Let me just stay that it was amazing!!  Each ward was in charge of a booth.  At each booth, the young women were taught first-aid skills that prepared them for young women’s camp.  Since the wards were teaching this year, I had the opportunity to enjoy the event.  I do love to teach but this time it was fun to just observe.  I brought my camera and I took plenty of pictures.  I felt like I was the papparazzi!!  It was awesome.  Would you like to see some of the pictures I took…I knew you would. 


Let’s start off with the skit…the Stake YCLs put together a darling skit on the “Do’s and Don’ts at Young Women’s camp. 


Would you like to see some of the creative booths….


How about the food…



There were plenty of smiles…


Aw…what a delightful day!!  I am grateful for the energy and time that the young women leaders in our stake sacrificed.  I truly appreciate them…words can’t even describe it.  Thank you!!


P.S.  I do have 256 more pictures if you would like to see them. Smile

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines day!!

When I arrived at work, setting on my desk was this intriguing adorable red box.

2013-02-14 20.32.02

As I opened it, my heart did a back flip…

2013-02-14 20.31.35


My dearest sweet friend, Vieve, gave me a Valentines gift. Thank you…you just made my whole day!!!

Happy Valentines day!