Saturday, March 28, 2009

does it really matter where you sit?

Somethings that I learned about tonight's adventure....

1. It does not matter where you sit at a Jazz game, you can see.
(Row 1 through 20 are my favorite spots, but the last seat at the top is a lot of fun, too).

2. It does not matter where you sit at a Jazz game, the person next to you will get up every 10 minutes.
(Even if it is on the last row--who cares that you climb 21 stairs to get to your destination every 10 minutes.)

3. It does not matter where you sit at a Jazz game, the whole arena is extremely loud.
(How can someone sleep through that kind of noise?)

4. It does not matter where you sit at a Jazz game, SHAQ looks huge!!
(Even from far away, he looks like a gorilla.)

5. It does not matter where you sit at a Jazz game, you always find someone to entertain you.
(The row in front of us consumed 42-16 ounces of beer, the couple next to me consumed 6- 16 ounces of beer at $6.75 a glass--that is $324.00 in beer consumption between 9 people!) Another note...have you ever seen a intoxicated person try and walk down 21 stairs?

6. It does not matter where you sit at a Jazz game, you are always included in the celebration!!
(Whether the celebration is because of the game or because of something happening close to you--you are always included.)

Oh, it was a great game. Thanks Mary & Jon for the Christmas present!!!

Go Jazz Go!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

fabulous things friday....unscheduled time!!

One of my most favorite things is...
unscheduled time!!

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine had a birthday. One of the girls in her office had interviewed several people, finding out lots of information about her and wrote the facts all over. As I was reading one of the facts, I read "most favorite things is unscheduled time.” I have thought about that phrase for the past few days and YES, one of my most favorite things is unscheduled time. I don't find myself having much of it lately. The more I think about it the more I love it.

So, tonight, I did not schedule anything in my life. I did not schedule errands. I did not schedule work. I did not schedule anything. Guess what? It was great! I did not worry about where I was suppose to be, who I was suppose to be with, and I just did whatever. Actually, to tell you the truth, I watched TV all night long. It was great!!! I channel surfed and watched whatever I wanted to. It was great!! I think that I should schedule unscheduled time more often

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

two pony tails and lots of giggles

Give me a dare and I, usually, accept. Sometimes, we (the girls in my office) find things to bring the excitement into our office. So, on Monday, I dared Vieve to wear her hear pulled back into two pony tail braids. She did.

On Tuesday, Vieve dared me to wear two pony tails in my hair. I did not think that my hair was long enough. But, I was completely wrong. Anyway, I accepted the dare.

I pulled back my hair into two pony tails, put on my orange sweatshirt and then found the perfect ribbons to place in my hair. Then, it was off to work.

As I was getting into my car, a lady drove up into my driveway. As I approached her, she looked at my hair and asked if I was going to work today. I giggled and said that I was. I told her that I was acting on a dare. She just laughed. YES, I know that I am crazy. This is how my day started--there were plenty of other times through out the day that I giggled with embarrassment. Hey, everyone needs to laugh once in a while.

Have you laughed today?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

laws & obligations

What does it mean to you to be a citizen of the United States? This question has been on my mind for the past several months. My roommate, Melanie, was not a citizen of the United States until 2:23 P.M. today. At 2:23 P.M., her life changed from having to carry her green card and her passport every day to being an American citizen. Not only did her life change, I found a huge change in my life.

Mom, Dad, Melanie and I arrived at the Rose Wagner Theater in Salt Lake City at about 11:52 A.M.. As we stood in the lobby waiting for further instructions, we stood with many people from different lands and different walks of life. I felt a sense of excitement--an excitement for these people who have worked so long and hard to accomplish a huge goal. All these people were coming together to unite in one event--to become citizens of the United States. FREEDOM.

Then the instructions began. Those that were awaiting their citizenship formed a line and those that were there to celebrate with them stayed in the lobby. My mom, dad and I were chatting with an "important" person (lady in dark blue suit with a walkie talkie). She was explaining to us the whole process of events that were going to take place. She explained that US Marshalls were securing the building and sweeping the room for terrorists, bombs, spies and other such things. I immediately said, "WHAT? Why are they doing that? Do they worry about bombs, terrorists, and spies during a naturalization ceremony." She explained that this is a very serious event and when the Federal Agents are finished securing the room--the room would become and act as a Federal Court Room.

Finally, we entered the Federal Court Room and watched as those seeking citizenship paraded into the room. WOW!! It was the most incredible feeling. Then, the proceedings started.

Judge Sam Alba was Federal Judge that was assigned to this event. After the posting of the colors, the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem, we listened to two young boys give their essays on the Gettysburg's address. Those two boys were amazing. They were from the challenger school in West Point. AMAZING! Then, the time was turned over to the Staff Attorney to conduct the Naturalization ceremony. It was powerful!!

Then, Judge Alba spoke. He spoke on the freedom, the laws and then he directed the rest of his remarks to obligations--our obligations to the laws, to the freedoms, to our family members, to our friends and to each other. The words that he spoke were powerful. Mary (one of our friends that came to the ceremony) and I said at the same time--our youth need to hear him speak. He was amazing. But, then my thoughts turned to those that I associate with-whether it is in church or work or home--they need to hear him speak. Then, I started thinking of myself. I needed to hear the words that he spoke today. They were extremely powerful to ME!!

After his remarks, he started calling on those that received their citizenship today. He asked them to share their name, their homeland, how many years they have been working on becoming a citizen and how they felt today. For the next 20 or so minutes, we heard the remarks of people from China, Pakistan, Slovakia, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru and many other places.

One shared of walking into the American Embassy in Beijing and seeing an American Flag for the first time and a Bible. There were many that could hardly speak because their emotions were too overwhelming. As for me, I am indeed grateful for my citizenship in such a great place--a place of FREEDOM

Thursday, March 12, 2009

CAUTION: a simple sentence could lead to hysterical laughing...

Have you ever sent off an email without thoroughly reading it from beginning to end? Well, I found that this happened to me TODAY!!! Let me set the story for you.

Work has been quite busy and 100% stressful this past week. I had documents and files that I had been working on that were extremely time consuming and exhausting. Yes, it has been a tiresome week. Anyway, it was close to 4:00 pm when I realized that I had a question about a particular document that needed to be sent out. I was unsure if my boss (VP of Operations) was going to create the document and get it to the mailroom to be sent to one of our clients. So, I opened I/M and quickly sent off an email. This is how it went:

A thought just pooped in my head, did you create ******'s documents?

I almost died!!! Thoughts do not "poop" in your head--they POP into your head. Of course, I quickly sent the message stating the word popped not pooped. I was hoping that she would skip the first message and go quickly to the second one.

Immediately, my phone rings and I hear this hysterical laugh coming from the the phone. I was completely 100% embarrassed. BUT, laughter does release a lot of stress!!

My response, "Maybe that is why I have been having headaches this week. Things are pooping inside my brain!"

Keep laughing....that is what I am doing to prevent bursting into humiliation tears!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

my cute little pink shuffle...does not shuffle...

Last week, I found the cutest little present amongst the zillion pieces of confetti, streamers, cards, candy, and cows (yes, there were cows and they do moo!!) that covered my desk. This cute little present was....
a pink iPod shuffle!!

My friend, Vieve, had hidden this little thing amongst all of the birthday treats that she put upon my desk. Thanks Vieve for such a wonderful little guy (and for decorating my desk).

I have wanted one of these for a very long time. I am so excited to use it.


I can not figure it out.

It is driving me crazy!!!

So, for right now, my cute little pink shuffle...does not shuffle. At least, it does not shuffle at this very moment. I know that I will figure it out sooner or later. At least, I hope!!