Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Today is my birthday and I was pleasantly spoiled. I will let the pictures tell the story…


My desk was visited by the Birthday Fairy (aka Vieve). She also brought me a delicious breakfast!  

Lots of fun presents from friends…20150225_083537 (1)

and from co-workers….


Beautiful flowers from Shad, Jessica and Brylie..


Lunch at The Brick Oven and Vieve brought treats from The Sweet Tooth Fairy…


Delicious treats to add to a fun and happy day!!!  Happy Birthday to me!!!  I had so many wonderful people wish me happy birthday by phone call (Mom and Dad kept calling to sing), text messages, emails and Facebook messages.  It was simply a lovely day.  It is fun to be spoiled. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

an IV, a camera and a much needed nap…


I am home from the hospital!!! I was on an IV for 5 hours while I waited for the tests to be performed.  Finally, they took me to the room where they were going to perform the scope.  I quickly drifted off to sleep for a much needed nap while they put a camera down into my stomach, upper intestines, took pictures of what was happening and then, took two biopsies. I should know the results in a few days.  The test wasn’t too bad since I was asleep for all of it. 

What hurts the most is the blasted IV.  Look at my poor arm…OUCH!!!


Now, I am just chilling in my room…pondering…grateful to be alive and HEALING!!!  


Today has been a long day!!!!



Monday, February 23, 2015


The adventures of this week have begun…the good ones and the not-so-good ones. I decided that since I have a couple of not-so-good adventures this week, I needed to have a fun one to start off this week. My pedicure friends and I headed to have our toes flaunted over, our feet soaked and our calf muscles massaged. HEE HEE!!!


This picture is kinda blurry…but my toe nails are salmon color with white flowers on them. I love a really good pedicure and we finally found the perfect place.  They even serve you a can of delicious cold Diet Coke (or any other soda or water that you prefer). 


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ok…let the adventures begin…

As of late, it seems like every time I turn around, a trial has been placed in my way waiting for me to overcome it. I am not sure if I should be grateful that I get to experience new things or if I should start wondering what is going on. Ok…I pick the “wondering what is going on” part. See, several weeks ago, I thought that I had come down with the stomach flu. Every time I ate and every time I did not eat, my upper part of my abdomen would hurt like crazy and I would end up throwing up. I wasn’t getting any better and the pain was starting to become unbearable. After going through this little trial for a while, I felt that I needed to seek medical help. After many blood tests, I found out that I did not have the stomach flu. Of course not!!! That would be simple. SIMPLE!! No, I cannot be simple---I have to be complex!!! I had come down with a bacterial virus that creates ulcers that grow in the stomach lining. After taking the appropriate medication for a couple of weeks, the pain was not easing up and the throwing up was still continuing. My doctor scheduled tests at the hospital and I was growing more and more anxious waiting for that day to come.

After much pondering and being able to handle the anxious feelings I was having, I asked for a priesthood blessing. Once again, I was blessed to be healed. There were a couple of phrases that really stood out.  One said that “because of my faithfulness, I will be healed and the second one was that I was told that as soon as the hands were removed from my head, my body would start to heal itself. It was powerful and the Spirit was strong as I was reminded that my presence on this earth is important and my mission is not over. I am grateful for a strong testimony of the power of the priesthood. I know that the words that are spoken and felt as hands are placed on your head during a blessing comes from our loving Heavenly Father. I know this. I don’t only believe it…I know it. I am so grateful for the peace that is brought into an anxious heart when the Spirit touches the heart and calms the mind. I know that the adventures that I will be going through this week, the outcome will be His will. I know this but the little part of doubt seeps in and creates that anxiousness but the Spirit quickly comes in and calms everything down.

Ok…let the adventures begin. I can do this…I can!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Relaxing on a Sunday evening…


Tonight I was at my parent’s home. I was not feeling that great so I was curled up on the couch—you know, all snuggly and warm. My brother, sister-in-law and my adorable niece came to visit my parents. Brylie noticed that I was curled up on the couch, grabbed my mom’s kindle, a diet coke and decided to snuggle up next to me. She was chatting away, watching her kindle and drinking her diet coke-just like a grown-up. It made me giggle. So, of course, I had grab my phone and sneak a picture. HEE HEE!  Aw…I just love this girl!!!!  She truly melts my heart.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


This evening, we held our New Beginnings for our ward. The Beehives and Sister Bishoff wanted to focus on the movie “UP!” and the theme “Adventure Awaits”.   It was so much fun to watch their ideas come to life.  They worked so diligently on the decorations and  on the program.  I am so lucky to be apart of this amazing group of leaders and young women. up1up2up3  These are the “Adventure Kits” that each of the young women received.

Aw…what an awesome evening!!!