Wednesday, February 27, 2008


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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hey, Michelle do you want to go on a DATE with me?

So, my friend, Keri, has encouraged us to share some sort of an amusing story about us. Well, I have been thinking about this for quite sometime--every day is some sort of an amusing story. So, it has been extremely difficult to find just one. Tonight, I was at a Purse Party and was listening to a college student share her latest date experience. I am not going to share that story, but it brought me to thinking about my college days. I have to admit--those were the most funnest (is that a word) times of my life. Okay, I do have a lot of fun now, but some of those crazy memories will always make me laugh and giggle until there is no end. Boy, do I miss those crazy days!!!

Anyway, back to the story. I was living at Alta apartments. At the time, I had 5 other roommates--which I might add--WE DID EVERYTHING TOGETHER. We studied, we ate, we shopped, we laughed, we talked, we visited other apartments together--so do you get it? The 6 of us were always together.

So, let me share with you the story--that was completely humiliating at the time of realization--but makes me laugh extremely hard now later in life. If you have been on BYU off-campus housing, the living room is in the front, then the kitchen and then there is a door that leads to 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. This particular event, I was sitting in the living room talking with a friend. My other 4 roommates were at a meeting at church. So, that leaves me with 1 roommate at home--Liz. Okay, so the phone rings, Liz answers it. About 5 minutes later, she yells that the phone is for me. I answer it--this is how it goes...


"Hi, Michelle, this is Brad."

"Hi Brad."

"Hey, do you want to go to the fireside tonight?"

"Sure-that would be great."

Liz enters the room and says that she is going to her parents home for dinner.

"How about I come over at 6:15. It will give us enough time to walk to the fireside."

"Great-see you at 6:15."

Brad hangs up. My 4 roommates arrive home and I inform them...

"Hey, Brad called. He is going with us to the fireside."

At 6:15 pm, there is a knock at the door. It is Brad-prompt as always. My roommate, Ang, answers the door. She comes into my room and tells me that Brad is here and she says:

"Michelle, I think it is a date."

"Oh, no, it is not a date. He called and talked with Liz and since, Liz was not going to the fireside, he probably asked who was going."

"No. Michelle, I really think it is a date."

"To a fireside, I don't think so. Just hurry and get ready and lets go."

Nikki walks in....

"Michelle, I really think that Brad thinks that he is going out with you tonight."

By this time, I am laughing..."No, he doesn't. It is not a date."

So, I walk out to the living room and say hi to Brad. Then, I turn to my roommates and tell them "let's go."

We walk to the fireside--5 girls and Brad. I am not really noticing the fact that Brad keeps trying to maneuver his way next to me. I guess, I was so clueless. We get to the fireside, they ask Brad to say the opening prayer and ask me to say the closing prayer. Brad made some kind of comment about how ironic it was that couple on a date would be asked to say the prayers. I looked him and said, "What are you talking about?"

OK, at this point, I still did not clue in. We found a bench. There was not enough room for Brad to sit with us. I wanted to sit with my roommates, so he sat across the isle from us.

No, I still did not clue in.

After, the fireside, he walked me (plus my 4 roommates home) and told me that he had brought some ice cream and sundae toppings for us to eat. I told him--great and then asked, "can I go get my friend, Dave. Dave and I were planning to play games later, but I am sure we can have some ice cream with you, first."

I could not figure out why Brad was so rude to us while we were eating ice cream. My roommates were having bits of hysterical laughing and had to leave the room. NO!! I did not clue in that Brad had asked me out on a date and I had brought along 4 of my roommates and now, Dave.

ONE WEEK LATER...YES!!! I did, FINALLY, clue in. (After I read the most detailed rendition of our DATE that Brad had wrote in a letter to me. Believe me, it was not very nice!) I have never been more mortified to find out that it was a date. Why did he not tell me that in the first place? Have you ever heard--Hey, Michelle, do you want to go on a DATE with me?

A couple of months later, he had forgiven me enough to hear my side of the story. My points to the story was...he hung out with all of us all the time, we served as FHE Mom & Dad together--so he was always over at my apartment planning, we all studied together, we all shopped together, see I thought Brad was just one of us. Who would have thought he would ask one of us on a real date?

(exerpt from Michelle's journal)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Yep, it is my birthday and this was my cake---okay, not really, but doesn't it look absolutely Divine. The thing is--I am not a cake-eating type of person. Don't get me wrong, I do eat cake. (I will have to explain my not liking cake in another blog or story).

Ok, so back to my birthday. I arrived at work with my desk being all decorated--oh, so cute!!! My sister-in-law, Melissa, and Kaylie (my niece) decorated my desk!!! Doesn't it look all cute and festive. Melissa has decorated my desk every year and it has been such a great treat!!! Thanks Melissa & Kaylie--you surely have brightened my day!!

Melissa, Vieve, Terry, and Julie took me to lunch at Chili's. It was absolutely devine and delicious!!! I chose Chicken Quesadilla's. Oh, it was yummy and scrumptious!! Thanks you guys--I am spoiled!!

Vieve, knowing that I do not like cake, decided to plan a different type of birthday treat for such a fabulous celebration. CHEESECAKE & STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM!!! Two of the most delicious treats ever. YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!! Thanks Vieve & Melissa for such a delicious treat.

Then, it was off to dinner--Mom, Melanie and I ate at BK's (long story, but completely hilarious). Yep, it was delicious! Thanks MOM!!!

Tonight was even more celebration with my family. Rootbeer floats, sugar cookies and lots and lots of presents!!! THANKS!!! I have a FABULOUS family!!! Thanks for all you do for me!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

"love is a treasure for which we can never pay. the only way we keep it is to give it away!"

I have been "down under" the past two days. No, I have not been in Australia or any other exotic place. Unless you would call my bedroom exotic--which I would not. Anyway, I have been down under my blankets in bed. I tried so hard not to get this yucky virus that has been plaguing everyone around me--but I caught it. I came down with all the yucky cough, head, nose & chest congestion, fever and everything else that pertains to this yucky stuff. Anyway, other than phone calls to my mom, I have slept and slept and slept some more.

Today, I went looking for a dvd in the house--something to watch other than flipping channels while I dozed in and out of sleep. I found one that I really want to recommend. It is called "The Ultimate Gift".

This story is amazing. It just keeps on giving. Anyway, th story is about Jason Stevens. His VERY wealthy grandfater dies and Jason anticipates a big inheritance. Instead his grandfather has devised a plan to help Jason understand twelve important gifts that will lead up to the ultimate gift. He goes on a journey of self-discovery finding what is most important in life.

I, absolutley, loved this movie. In fact, I watched it twice today. It brought a lot of tears, but it was worth all the coughing that were caused by those tears. So, if you want to watch a movie that will impact you and family and will teach them about life lessons and the importance of character, this is the film to see.

"love is a treasure for which
we can never pay.
the only way we keep it
is to give it away."

Friday, February 22, 2008

scripture study...

This past week has been a week of many things. Earlier this week, I found out something about a friend that was devastating, tragic and completely awful. When I learned of the situation, I was so angry. Questions kept popping in my head--mostly the question, "WHY?" Then, after the anger subsided, an overwhelming sadness for this friend and for those that were/are involved came upon me. That night, I remember looking at my clock as I crawled into bed. The time was 2:14 am. I knew that sleep was not anywhere near. As I curled up with my blankets and pillows, I just kept thinking of this tragic incident that was completely stupid.

Then, the most amazing feeling came over me. It was so peaceful and so calm. The thought that entered my mind was "Michelle, this is the reason that it is so important to read the scriptures each day to combat the fiery darts of the adversary." It was the most amazing experience. Lately, I have had a struggle with having daily scripture study. When I was serving as Young Women's president in my ward, my scripture study was amazing. I really long for that excitement of partaking of the scriptures. But, since then, I have really struggled with the daily effort of studying. Tonight, I was just amazed. We have such a wonderful shield--a shield that helps protect us from the wickedness that may come to us. I can not believe how I struggle with an easy concept of partaking the scriptures--but I do.

Tonight, after that experience, I know that is EXTREMELY important to read from the scriptures daily. So, that is my goal--to try a little harder and do a little better.

please keep our family in your prayers

This morning, I woke up feeling completely awful. Along with waking up completely exhausted, I, also, awoke with my "Minnie Mouse" voice. If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing my Minnie Mouse voice, you are lucky. It is extremely high and can give you a horrific headache. So, as you can read, my day was not starting off the greatest!!

Mid morning, I received a phone call from my mom. She was in tears and extremely upset. She had just received news that my cousin, Kelly, had been killed in a car accident. She was taking her grandson, Bryer, home when she hit a telephone pole and then a tree. Bryer was flown to Primary Children's Hospital with critical injuries. Kelly was transported to a hospital where the doctors and nursed worked on Kelly for over an hour. She quietly passed from this life not too long after that. My heart hurts for feelings that we are all experiencing today. She was definitely the ROCK in her family that kept them all together. I just do not understand why someone who is needed so much is taken from this life to the next.

So, as I sat at my desk, I wanted to focus on things that I could remember about her. I started making a mental list of some of my favorite things that I loved about Kelly. One of my favorite things is that she was always laughing. She was and is such a cheerful person. It did not matter what was happening, she was always joking around and laughing. She could turn not-so-good things into pretty good things. She had that gift--the gift to help others lighten up. She was simply crazy. Oh, just a side note, she introduced me to homemade Oreo cookies. She brought them camping one year and they were such a hit. I still remember sitting around the camp fire as she shared these most delicious cookies with us--then explained step by step how she made them. Oh, it was great!!

So, I wonder why she was taken at this time. I know that we will not know, but it is a question that keeps popping in and out my head. A couple of weeks ago, my mom was in Walmart when she ran into Kelly. Kelly gave her the hugest hug and then, they talked for awhile. I can not help thinking that Mom and Kelly were suppose to run into each other that day and share that moment. I wonder what would happen if we knew that the moment that we shared with someone was the last moment we had with them here on earth? Or is it best to not know?

I think back to the moment that my grandma passed from this life--that last moment. I would never take that moment away. My mom and I sat there with grandma as she took her last breath. We were holding her hands. I could not think of a better place to be that night than where we were. I am grateful for the most special experience that anyone could ever had. YES, it was extremely difficult--but we did know that that moment was the last time we would see her alive until the next life.

So, as I think of Kelly tonight. I think of her up in heaven with Grandma and Grandpa. What a glorious reunion. I can just imagine Grandma with her arms around Kelly as they sit watching over the family.

Kelly--we will miss you!! and Bryer, we are praying for you!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


This is Nertz von Trekkerstein, but he’s not fancy, so you can call him Nertz. He’s a friend we made back in February 2007. Now that he is a year old, he has decided to travel the world. (Or, more likely, the continental US.) You can’t really tell, but this little guy is carrying some scars. One person, who shall remain nameless, decided one day to torture poor Nertz! But, he prevailed. He came out of it better than ever. You really can’t tell unless you know what you’re looking for, but he has a loose tooth, and pieces scratched into his eyes and body, and bits of his body chunked right off! But we nursed him back to health, and he is doing really well now. He gets thrown around quite a bit, but he comes out unscathed.

Friday, he starts his new adventure. Stay tuned to find out what is happening in the life of Nertz....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So, I just read Vieve's blog and I would have to say--WELL SAID!! As for tomorrow when you are counting the many blessings of being married or single, remember the importance of serving others. My address is.....just kidding!!! The other day, a friend sent me this email. It was too great!!! Everytime, I watch it, I just SMILE ...I hope it brings a smile to your face. I just love the hardlooking dude--his smile is contagious. In fact, all of their smiles ae contagious!!! Wouldn't that be just absolutely fun to do. I am not a "huggie" type of person...But, the smiles on the people's faces--overrule the not-huggable moment in me. As for now, I do hope that you give someone a HUGE HUG today.

And have a delightful day (no matter what day it is!!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I guess, it was Eeyore's day!!

Have you ever woke up in a good mood? Okay, I know that I am sure everyone has woke up feeling happy. Anyway, today I woke up happy--actually, I usually do wake up happy (That is not really anything exciting--because it usually happens every day). But today was a little bit different. So, like I said before, I woke up happy and then as the day progressed--I became sad. I am not sure what it is, but by the end of the work day, I had the blasted rain cloud floating over the top of my head. I feel kind of like Eeyore. I had my feelings hurt a numerous amount of times today--but I can not really pinpoint why and how. It that strange? I would think so...

After work, I attended a New Beginnings in our Stake and then went Gold's Gym and worked out with my mom. I thought that at least those two things would make the rain go away. But, no it did not. So, now as I sit in front of my computer (trying to write my talk for tomorrow's New Beginnings--how can you do that with a rain cloud over the top of your head?), I just feel a tad bit strange. I guess, I will chalk it up to being tired and exhausted. Anyway, have you ever had one of those days?
I guess, I could sum it up as just having an Eeyore day. I do hope your day was better than mine.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sarah...what an inspiration!

Sometimes I think that we get so caught up in life that we seem to lose focus on what is really important. This happens to me all of the time. But, tonight, I found a new focus. A focus on all the good things in life. On Friday morning, I learned that Sarah, a friend of mine, was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. Since hearing the news, my heart has seemed a little bit heavy. My friend, Dalene, and I went to visit her this afternoon at the hospital and I am so thankful for that visit.

She will be in the hospital for at least 3 weeks. She has to have Chemo every other day for 8 days. She was so up beat about everything. She was amazing. Her laughter was contagious. Her smile was glorious. As she shared with us all the events that took place this past week--leading up to the diagnosis, tears just streamed down my eyes. I could not even imagine all that she has gone through. She found the positive in everything that she was telling us. It was great--I learned so much from that visit. One thing that I have always admired about Sarah is that she is caught up with ALL the good things in life. She is happy and always looks for the positive things. What an amazing person!! I could not help to think that she has the right frame of mind to conquer this ugly battle. She can do it!!

As Dalene and I left her hospital room, we both looked at each other and said, "What an inspiration!" Though we were only there for an hour, she had helped me understand so many things. We both received so much comfort from her. As we left the hospital, the peaceful feeling that comes over your heart when you are doing what you are suppose to do--was with us tonight. Sarah, I will continue to hope and pray for you. Thanks for ALWAYS being an inspiration to me.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

my thoughts

Tonight I was thinking to myself..."Self--what are you are passionate about?" So, I decided to sit down and begin a list of things that I am passionate about in life. Of course, my list started and it started to grow...I found that there are quite of few things that I could say that I am passionate for. WOW!! I was amazed. One thing that I am very passionate about is journal writing. I remember when I received my very first journal--not diary, but journal.

It was my first day of young women's (I had just turned 12). My Beehive Advisor at the time gave each member in our class a blue portfolio with the word "JOURNAL" written with a black sharpe marker across the front. Inside was plain lined paper. That was my real true experience with a journal. I went home that night, wrote my very first entry and now many years later, I still am passionate about writing in my journal. I love to fill up one journal and then, shop for the next journal to fill. My journals are all different. It is interesting to look back at my journals and see what journal I picked out for that specific time in my life. Oh, life is great!!!

I guess, I could say that my journal has become a place of security, a place of refuge, a place where I can be myself and express how I feel. It is amazing to look at how many journals I have completed through out the years. I am grateful for each entry because they make up the person that I am. Sometimes, I have a difficult time going back and reading some entries--some memories are just not fun repeating the second, third, or fourth time. But, those wonderful memories...I love to relive them and remember the feelings that I had during those times.

It is great to think of the many hours that I have spent writing in my journal and the zillion entries that have been entered. I am amazed at my handwriting and how I can tell if I am having a good day or a hard day--just by how I write. I love going back and finding the questions that I had--to know that I have the answer many years later.

Thank you sweet Beehive Advisor!! Thank you for your inspiration that you shared with me about writing in your own journal. It helped me find something in my life that I am completely 100% passionate about.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

oh...did I say it was cold?

My niece called me and was telling me that she really wanted to go to President Hinckley's viewing. So, the thought popped into my head--if she wants to see President Hinckley, then lets go for it. I texted one of my friends who works in the Church Adminstration building and asked her how long the wait was--not too long-in fact it was quite short. My roommate had gone the day before and it was only 20 minutes to park, walk to the Conference Center and then return back to their car. So, I picked up Kaylie and we were on our way. We parked my car at the Sandy Civic Center and boarded TRAX!! This was a new adventure for Kaylie. She talked and talked. She was so excited and her talking was continuous during the ride to Salt Lake City. Her excitement of this event radiated around her.

We arrived at the Conference Center at 5:05 pm--and this is what awaited us....

It definitely was not a 20 minute wait...we waited in the cold for over 3 hours. YES!!! 3 hours. It was so cold. We were not prepared for what we had to endure. In fact, there were a lot of people not prepared for what was taken place. The temperature and the wind was almost unbearable.

Every 15 minutes or so, I would ask Kaylie if she wanted to head back to Provo. Everytime, she would say that she was okay. It was not until we had waited in the cold for 3 hours that the cold turned Kaylie to tears--huge tears. Since the beginning of our waiting period, we had been right behind some BYU students (3 guys and 2 girls). They were really nice. In fact, they were truly life savers that last 30 minutes. I kept asking Kaylie if she was ready to turn back...even through the tears...she still wanted to wait. One of the guys in the group took his coat off and wrapped Kaylie in it. Then he said, "It is Kaylie Sandwich Time!" At that moment, the group of people that we were standing with, closed the circle around Kaylie and tried to get her a little warmer. I am thankful so thankful for those sweet BYU students. We huddled together and then, finally...after 3 1/2 hours of waiting outside, we were able to enter the conference center. Once inside, we were able to at least THAW OUT. Kaylie grabbed my hand and said, "Chelle, this is where I want to be." At that moment, I knew that we had endured the cold just so that a 11 year-old girl could see the Prophet.

Then, we were taken to the inside of the Conference center where we were seated for approximately 2 more hours. We were able watch a Tribute to President Hinckley. At one moment, the guy that is over all the events for the church came over and talked to us. He said that they had filled the lower level of the Conference Center 10 times today. He was talking to us about the Prophet. It was really interesting and fascinating to listen to him. He told us that there were 2 refrigerated Semi's outside full of flowers for the funeral and that the florists that were there arranging the flowers would be there until 6am Saturday morning. WOW!!!

At around 10:45 pm, we were led out of the Conference Center and taken to the Hall of Prophets. Words can not describe the feeling as we passed by President Hinckley's casket. It was amazing and incredible!! What a wonderful man!! Once outside the Hall of Prophets, Kaylie said, "This was worth it!!" She commented on how she could not remember the cold and how glad she was to be there and to see him. I would have to say, "It was worth the wait!!"

I will deeply miss President Hinckley. He is an amazing man. He taught me the importance of serving our fellow man, being kind, having gratitude and faith. Both his example and words helped me find the focus of my life, the quality of my character. I am grateful to have the opportunity to attend his viewing and see it through a sweet little nieces eyes. If everyone could have seen the look in her eyes as she passed by his casket, they would know that he truly was a Prophet--her eyes bore testimony of it!!!