Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Well, it has been an eventful day full of halloween festivities. Vieve and I were the only ones that dressed up in our department. But, hey, we laughed a lot and created a lot of halloween excitment. I went as "4" and Vieve was "Miss Murder". I failed to get a picture of my costume , but if you happen to watch "Grey's Anatomy", you will understand what the costume of "4" would be. As for Vieve, I can not believe that she stayed 9 hours in 'the beauty queen outfit.' It is definitely all in the Halloween spirit!
We had plenty of vistors at work today. Amongst them were the most darling witch, ghost and 'little nemo'. When they came into our office, I was exclaiming how darling they were. The witch reminded me that they were the little girls that frequent my desk. It was great--their costumes were so real-like that I did not know who they were! HEE HEE!!! My picture of them did not turn out, so check out the Phathom DDS blog.

Tonight, I visited one of the most incredible haunted house. My fabulous friend and her family have created the most incredible haunted house. It was amazing!! I can't even imagine how many hours this amazing scene has taken to create. I know that I will be attending next year.

The pumpkins on the stairs....such a frightful looking scene!

These were the fresh graves of those who did not make it out alive!

I am glad that I made it out ALIVE!!

Then, it was off to my Mom and Dad's to see what was happening there. A pirate and a bumblebee were entertaining them. Such a fun scene!!

K-Bug's the Pirate

Miss Brylie as the bumblebee!

Would you want a pirate to kiss you?

All in all, it was a fabulous halloween! I hope that yours was equally fun!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Have you created a back-up?

Well, this morning, I needed to check on something on my computer--okay, the real thing is that I needed to log onto and find directions to a particular address. I am 100% addicted to mapquest. I am not the greatest address finder--so, I am eternally grateful for billionaire who developed mapquest and the "get directions" button on the internet. Bless his soul!!!

Anyway, I turn on my computer and then, all of a sudden-I get an error and a blue screen. At work, the blue screen is aka. "THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!" I start to panic for when you receive the "blue screen of death" on your computer moniter--you know that you had better have some back-up to all the files on your computer or it is hopeless. My heart dropped-that feeling when you know that you have not back-uped any files for--let's just say-NEVER!!! So, I am panicing--years of daily journal entries, pictures, receipts for taxes, and everything that contains importance items that create the "Michelle World".

Side note: 2 years ago, I had to teach a class at our annual meetings on I was asked to teach a class on security with computers. A huge emphasis was the importance of creating a back-up of ALL the information on your computer. Oh, my goodness!!! You would think that if I taught it, I should practice it!!

So, a quick call to my Mom for directions to my destination and a quick run down of what happened on my computer and I was on my way. Anyway, after a very busy day, my cool dad came to my rescue!!! Of course, he had to ask me if when my last back-up was created. "UM!! NEVER!!" But, like I said, he came to my rescue AGAIN!!! He fixed my computer--the blue-screen of death is gone and my files are now all restored and I am a happy camper!! Yep, I have the coolest dad ever!!! Thanks Dad!!

So, I ask you--"When did you create your last back-up?"

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"happy voice"

One of my most favorite people in my life is my niece, Kaylie. Since the day that she was born, I have completely-100% adored her. She seems to always be the sunshine on a rainey day. One thing that I just adore about her is that she is dramatic-in action and in speech. On Tuesday, Mom, Kaylie and I went to watch Brandon (her older brother and my nephew) play football. Brandon plays for Spanish Fork High School and they are in the middle of State Play-offs. The game was against Lone Peak and we were playing on neutral ground--Lehi High School. (I know that you were wanting to know all that). It was cold and we were amongst a lot of blankets. Anyway, my mom's cell phone was ringing. Kaylie picks it up and before she answers it--she says, "okay, happy voice, happy voice". Then, she answers all chipper and excited to speak to her mom (who was lost in 5:00 traffic on the freeway--trying to get to the game to watch her son).

Of course, I just giggled. I was thinking to myself "how cute". But, then, as I have pondered that over the past few days. "How do I answer the phone?" "Am I excited to talk to whomever is on the other end of the phone?" "What was their day like?" All these type of questions have been going through my mind. Mostly, I am a cheerful person, but I do have my down days. So, today, as I got up on the wrong side of the bed (for some reason, I am not sure how that would have happen--there is only one side to get up from), I had a grumpy outlook on life. Well, mid-day, I received a phone call from a friend. It was completely out of the blue and I have not spoken to him for quite sometime. I answered the phone-kind of matter-of-factly. Then, I heard, "Hey Sweetie, how are you doing?" It was someone with a "happy voice". How did he know that I was having a no good, rotten, grumpy day? But, somehow, he did and then, I realized--Kaylie was right. We need to start each phone call with a "happy voice". Infact, maybe we need to start each conversation with a "happy voice".

Do you have your HaPpY vOiCe with you today?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Is this proper card etiquette?

When I get stressed and feel like the world is about to crash down, there are many things that I LOVE to do to relieve that stressful feeling. One of them is to make cards. I have a passion for homemade cards. I love creating them and I love to send them out to people. It is not that I want them to acknowledge how awesome the card is (okay, maybe sometimes they are not that awesome), it is that I have created it from my heart. I had a roommate one time that told me that if she ever received a store purchased card from me--she knew that our friendship is over. Oh, I really need to be careful not to send anyone that thinks that a store purchased card from me is an end to our friendship.

So, when Sariah (our enrichment counselor) asked me to create 12 cards that can be taught for Super Saturday, I was in complete heaven. Maybe with the week that I had, I would not have stayed up till 3am cutting little pieces of paper--but I was still in heaven--creating and cutting! It really did not seem like it was 3am when I looked at the clock. Thank goodness for TNT (Cable TV) for the fun movies that were being played at that time of the morning.

Super Saturday was a hit--if I might say so myself. There were 7 of us that made 12 cards that day-5 others to teach another day. But, amongst the 4 hours that it took to create these cards (I forget the speed of the non-cardmakers), we had a blast laughing and giggling. The joke through out the day was "Is this proper card etiquette?" All in all it was a fabulous day!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

In Loving Memory

Since I heard the news of Kerrie’s passing away, I have had a really dark rain cloud over my head. Well, today I attended her funeral with some dear friends, Maria and Kim. I knew that I would not make it through without shedding quite a few tears. I have had so many questions of why she had to be taken from her sweet husband and her 3 beautiful daughters. I am thankful for the peaceful feeling and the words that were spoken from the pulpit today. It is amazing how the Holy Ghost can comfort those who are in need of comfort. I am grateful for her sweet Bishop, Bishop Alder as he spoke of Kerrie. He, too, questioned why did this have to happen. He then remarked that we do not know why, we just need to proceed and continue with faith. Her sister, uncle and brother-in-law spoke of many cherished memories of Kerrie and the belief that all is in the Lord's hands.

After her husband dedicated the grave, we all witnessed a very sweet and tender moment. Trent took Madison and Ruby over to the casket and let them smell the flowers and then, pick a flower from off of their mother's casket. With tears streaming down our faces, we were able to witness a tender moment between this young father and his 2 sweet daughters. I am grateful for the belief and knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. I am grateful for the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Monday, October 15, 2007

A new arrival for the Gren Family

The Newest Arrival
Hammey Robo Gren
adopted on Friday, October 12th
by K-Bugs

Well, we received a new little (when I say little, I mean little) arrival at the Gren home. Actually, thank goodness it is not at my home, but the home of my sassy animal lover niece. She has been saving her money for this adorable little....rodent--okay, hamster for quite sometime now. She had created her own little spreadsheet where she had the stores and the prices of each of the things that she would need to purchase before the arrival of Hammey. Then, she figured out which store she would purchase the items needed for this new little baby. Here is her explanation:
  • The cage was $4.00 and was purchased from one of our cousins (she said this was quite a deal since the cages in the stores were at least $20.00).
  • The food was $1.99.
  • The exercise ball for the hamster was $2.99.
  • The hamster was $10.00.
  • The cotton balls that the hamster needed to make his bed was free--she said she found them in the bathroom cupboard. What a deal!!
  • A total of $18.98 without taxes!! But PRICELESS for all the memories that K-Bugs and Hammey will share together.
She was explaining to me that she had to wait 3 days to play with him. The reason was that he is a little bit hyper and needs to get use to his surroundings. But, she said that it was way too difficult to not play with him and besides she said that a family at the pet store said that they did not wait and their hamster was alive for 4 1/2 years.

K-Bugs is so excited for her new little friend. She is already teaching Hammey to climb the stairs, go through the tunnel, and give kisses through the window in his new found home. But, he has also gotten into a little bit of trouble. Last night, he jumped out of K-Bugs hands and scurried underneath the television set. She said that when she finally retrieved him, he was grounded for the night. I know that there will be many more adventure with K-Bugs and Hammey--this has only just begun. As for me, I will admire Hammey from a far.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

goodbye Lodda

Sometimes we find ourselved doing things that are really difficult to do. On Tuesday, my friend Vieve said goodbye to her loyal friend-Lodda. Lodda has been apart of her life for 15 years. She has been a loyal friend to her. It is so interesting how we can develop a relationship with an animal that patterns the relationships that we have with our family and friends. Then, when we have to decide the fate of this animal, we are completely 100% devastated. I think that is one of my reasons why I admire pets from a far.

For instance, when I was living on campus, one of my roommates was going home for a vacation. But, she had a serious dilema--she had a goldfish that she was taking care of for one of her classes. The grade that she would receive would determine on the life of this goldfish. She asked if I could take care of this interesting orange colored goldfish. Our study habits were pretty close to each other (Crystal and mine-that is), so she knew that I would be equally serious about this goldfish. Well, let me tell you...I have never lived in so much fear--okay, that is definitely a lie, I have experienced worse fear than that. But, this type of fear was near the top of the list.

Each day, I would arrive home, I would sneak--yes, I would sneak into the bedroom and tip toe over to the fish bowl. Okay, I am not sure why I would sneak and tip toe--but it helped with the fear. Then, I would squint at the bowl to make sure that it was still alive. This went on for the first 4 days of her vacation. I was so glad that when day 5 came, the goldfish was still alive. WHEW!!! Okay, not really.

Back to the original story, Vieve and her family had to put Lodda to sleep. Vieve came back to work and told me that Lodda is now running and playing on a farm with all the other friends that passed away before him. I guess, that is probably the best way to look at it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

the most delicious apple ever!

On Saturday, I decided to do a little bit of grocery shopping at one of my favorite grocery stores. As I was perusing in the fruits and veggies department, a lady was handing out samples of apples. She was carrying around an apple and a sharp knife. While she was talking to people, she was just cutting off pieces of apple to eat. It was quite the interesting sight and a little bit entertaining. I kept thinking to myself, "is this sanitary and should I ask SAFE?" I tried, desperately, to stay away from her. But, everywhere I turned, she was right there. Kind of like a scary part in a movie. Okay, it wasn't that bad. Anyway, let me share a little tid bit about myself. I am not much of an apple eater. The reason for this is I do not like "mushy" things especially fruit. Another thing is that I do not like to spend money on "mushy" fruit or fruit that will turn mushy as soon as it is in the refrigerator. I really do not have good luck keeping fruits and veggies crisp.

Well, back to the lady handing out samples of apples. She had already approached me twice to taste her sample of goodness. I kind of felt like screaming-"Stranger Danger". Okay, not really, but she kept coming up to me to have a taste. Finally, I took one of her samples and let me tell was so delicious!!! I had never tasted an apple so delicious. So, when I turned to ask her where these apples might be located--she had disappeared. But, over in the apple section, were thousands--okay, maybe not thousands-it could have been closer to 10 people --grabbing this most delectable treat. I knew that I needed to get my hands on those apples. So, I grabbed my shopping cart and tried to get closer, but I could not. Ladies were going crazy over them. Maybe they were like me, finally finding a delicious apple is worth the fight. These ladies were going crazy over these apples. Then, I decided the best thing to do is jump over the display and dive right into the apples. Do you really think that I would have done that? I really am not that crazy!!

I just waited in line and finally it was my turn to peruse the apples. I found 2 that looked so delicious. I placed them in my cart and headed to the check out line. Well, after paying what I did for these two apples, I really think that they were filled with gold. Okay, I am not sure what the price of apples are going at this day and age--remember, I usually do not purchase apples, but is $3.50 expensive for 2 apples? Anyway, no matter what the cost, these apples were delicious. I saved one for Sunday night--for a special treat and then ate the last one tonight. Oh, what would I do to have another one of them in my refrigerator waiting for another delicious treat night. Oh, I never thought that I would crave apples, but these apples are worth the craving!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

My new best friend...

For the past while, I have had my best friend staying with me. His name is Mr. Insomnia. He frequents quite regularly and keeps me up all hours of the night. No matter what I have tried, he never wants to leave. No matter how exhausted I am, he will not leave. He is just too crazy. Okay, maybe he is driving me completely crazy!! Did you know that there really is not a whole lot of stuff on television between the hours of midnight and 5:30 am? So, Mr. Insomnia and I have become really close. In fact, I found myself talking to him--yes, out loud. Oh, do you think that I am really going crazy?

There are a few things that I have found that I can NOT do in the middle of the night--first and for foremost--I can not run the vacuum cleaner--even though it does not seem loud--during the wee hours of the morning--it is loud. VERY LOUD. Which does not make people living with me very happy. Nor can you really do a lot of baking. No matter how quiet I am trying to be, I always seem to drop a pan or something that is equally loud. VERY LOUD. Oh, also, the timer on the stove--sounds as if the fire alarm is going off--int he middle of the night, VERY LOUD! Did you know that even the washer is loud in the middle of the night? VERY LOUD!!! Did you know that there are a lot of people driving on the road in the middle of the night? Even the cars are loud. Not as loud of the mishaps in my condo, but loud. I always wonder where the people driving those cars are going and what they are doing. Oh, do you know how many times, the tow truck goes up and down our lane--in the middle of the night? ALOT!!!

I have found that my love for reading has really brought a problem with keeping Mr. Insomnia from leaving. I admit strongly that when I find a good book, I am hooked. When I say hooked, I mean really hooked. When I start reading, I want to know what happens at the end. I never cheat and read the last part of the book. I have to read it all the way through. Usually, I have to set a timer next me and when the timer goes off, I have to remove the book from my sight. I have chosen to blame this on my sweet mother. I inherited my love for books from my her. Bless her heart. She is the one to blame for all of this. She is the one to blame when I can not put a book down and find that I have read all night long. But, she is the same way. If it has intrigued her just a tad bit, she is out of commission until it is finished. As you can see, she is all to blame.

So, instead of feeding Mr. Insomnia with a good book. I have found something equally addicting. That is Grey's Anatomy. My friend, Vieve, has introduced to me her friends-Meredith, McDreamy, McSteamy, Alex, Callie, George, Izzie, Dr. Bailey, the Chief, Addison, Kristine and all the others that create this addicting delicious show. Well, I can definitely say that I am 100% addicted. Being addicted to a television show is not like me. It is crazy. But, since I am joining the crazy side of life--I will admit that I am addicted. So, since Mr. Insomnia has been an active part in my life, I have watched Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 numerous times. The endings never change, but my ideas for new endings are right inside my head. Okay, actually, I do know how many times I have watched the entire show, but that will be for me to know.

As for me, I am off to finish the last episode of Season 3 one more time....Okay, I am not proud of this new addiction, but it does help with the lack of entertainment at 2:00 in the morning. On the other hand, I do wish that I would be sleeping, but since I am not doing that...I am analyzing all of the different relationships that are happening on my television set. But, most of all--I hope you are getting a great nights sleep!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Circles taste YUCKY!!!

Have you ever looked back on life and tried to figure out why you do something the way that you do? Or say the things you say? Or maybe eat or not eat something because of some incident in life? Have you ever noticed that the way food tastes depends on the way that it looks? Well, when I was a little girl and still to this moment in time--I do not eat circle foods. You probably had to reread that sentence again, so I will state it again. I do not eat circle foods. Why? I knew that you were going to ask. The word that describes how they taste is "YUCKY". Basically, if you change a circle into a square or an oval or a rectangle, it will taste so much better. YES!! I have a huge aversion to circle foods.

See, here is the story....when I was a little girl, a UFO landed in our backyard and I looked out my bedroom window and all I could see was this GIGANTIC CIRCLE. It frightened me--so much that I declared that I would never eat anything that resembles that scary memory. Okay, I know, that was not true. There was never a UFO.
So, it might have been...actually, I am not sure when all of this started nor do I remember the reason behind it. It just happened. I have had lots of people try to analyze my "circle phobia", but have not had any luck. Basically, people just think that I am CRAZY!!! I do admit that it is kind of strange, but not as CRAZY as some people think.
Have you ever noticed how many food items are circles? Probably, you have never thought of that question before--but humor me and think of it? Lots of foods come in the forms of circles. I am not the type of person that usually introduces myself "Hi, my name is Michelle and I do not eat circle foods." Okay, I did introduce myself that way to a group of Young Women Leaders and Stake Youth Leaders for camp. But, in the social part of life, you just try to keep this little bit of insanity to yourself. But, sometimes it does happen to get out.

You might ask, how do I handle the whole circle aversion. Well, I do not try to bring attention to myself when eating any kind of food. If it is a circle, I can use my knife and cut it in half or in a square. So, this is where I declare my gratitude to the inventor of the knife. THANK YOU KNIFE MAN. He, the knife man, has saved me in so many difficult social situations. If there is not a knife handy and I am unable to tear it apart with my hands (without anyone noticing), then, I just push it to side of the plate and let "Mr. Garbage" have his handle at it. Personally, I think he likes anything.
So, you might understand the anxiety that I must have felt when invited to a "Kabob" barbecue. As, I approached the table, all I saw was CIRCLES!!!! Everything had been cut in circles, not squares or rectangles, but CIRCLES. But, looking around, I found "Mr. Knife!" All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU MR. KNIFE FOR SAVING ME, ONCE AGAIN!! So, I placed all of the circle foods on my skewer and placed it on the barbecue.

Then, it was finally cooked and ready to eat. I grabbed my knife and cut everything that I needed to into squares and triangles. It ended up being the most delicious kabob ever!!! Yes, my young women friends found me to be a tad bit crazy, but I proposed the question, "Don't you think that 'circle' foods taste YUCKY?!! They taste much better when they are cut into squares, rectangles, triangles, etc...definitely NOT CIRCLES!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Is a purse worth a speeding ticket? YES!!!

Last night, at my mom's house, we had an exciting, thrilling, eventful and fabulous purse party. For those of you who don't know what a purse party is, it's a "party" where we gals get together, peruse for purses, eat treats and just get to know each other. This party was a lot of fun; there were yummy treats, fun friends, and lots and lots of purses. There was quite the arrangement of colorful purses--blue, green, dead palamino horse color, red, black, and on and on.... Oh, I just might add that there were a few "interesting" purses. I spent most of the evening trying to get someone to buy a particularly 'interesting" purse-bright yellow and as big as a house. My persuasion was, maybe with this purse--they could buy a yellow raincoat, and be the Morton salt guy! There is nothing in this world cooler than emulating a man on a salt carton.

This is a picture of one of my good friends, Genevieve, with her new fabulous purse. Which I might add that she extremely LOVES!!! The best part, in her opinion, is the matching wallet that she also happened to pick up. She was in such an excitement to come to the party, she got pulled over on the way by Mr. Spanish Fork Policeman! 65 in a 50 mph zone, and she got a ticket. He had no sympathy for someone on their way to a FANTASTIC purse party. I guess to some people, there's nothing like a purse party!