Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I started my day OVER at 4:15 pm today!

SunCartoon[1]  You know those types of days that you seem to try with all your might and strength to be the best person that you can be…BUT …the minute your feet hit the floor…it doesn’t happen that way.  That was my day today.

I went to grab a towel prior to getting into the shower…um…no towels. (I forgot to throw my towels into the washer last night---yes, all 14 of them are in the dirty clothes!) Hand towels aren’t the greatest way to dry off!!!

I went to grab the products to straighten my hair…um…no products. (I did not want to wear my hair curly again today…natural curly hair can be such a pain sometimes.)

I decided that a cold glass of milk sounded mighty delicious this morning. So, I poured me a glass, went back upstairs, set it on my bathroom counter, turned around and knocked it off the counter into my basket of clean clothes (um…should have put them away when I folded them last night).

As I am running down my stairs…I miss a step and yes, I fall down the rest!  Such a great way to jump start your morning!! HA

Finally…after sitting a traffic jam…I arrived at work. Oh, I do not like construction!!  It took me almost 20 minutes to get to work…it is only 1 1/2 miles away.

I start working on my HUGE project that is due on Friday.  I am 4 hours into it…when my computer decides to have a mind of its own and turn off.  I am left staring at a blue screen.  I gather my research and start all over!! (After I screamed and said some unkind words!  UGH!!)

I send a text message to someone and after I hit the “send” message, I realize that I should not have sent it.  (It wasn’t anything bad…just should have kept a thought to myself.  Life is easier that way!)

By this time…I am thinking that I should NOT have gotten out of bed!!!

I grab my headphones…turn on loud music and have a pity party for a minute!!

Then… at 4:15 PM…I decide to start my day over.  (Did you know that you have the capability to start your day over at any given time?  Well, you can!) 

I left work, went to a movie and ate dinner with an awesome friend of mine. 

Life is fantastic!!!

Hope you had an awesome day!!  I did AFTER I started mine over!!



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Will there still be snow?

Awaiting in my email inbox, I found this picture.... CIMG4576

and this picture….Rotation of CIMG4577 and this picture…CIMG4573 and this picture!!CIMG4572 Yesterday, one of the Bishops in our Stake took a ride to Camp Mia Shalom.  Camp Mia Shalom is where the young women in our stake will be going in 35 days to spend one glorious week away from the world.

Guess what?  There is still lots of snow covering our camp and...we have another storm coming this week.  UGH!!!  We still have a little over  4 weeks before we drive that forever long road to spend 5 awesome days with the greatest young women in the world. Will there still be snow?  Oh, I hope not! 

Several years ago, I was serving as the ward young women’s president.  It was cold and rainy.  I was really cold and quite a few of my young women had expressed that they were cold too.  I sent a message home with a leader to call my parents and have them round up as many quilts and blankets as they could and send them up the next day with a leader.   I remembering praying so diligently that night that each one of my girls would be protected from the cold.  I was scared.  It was my first year as a young women’s president and I felt like I was not prepared for the weather.  I remember feeling the comfort that all would be well.

It was around midnight, when I heard  a knock on our cabin door.  Then, I heard a whisper,  ”Michelle...Sister Gren...” It was the brethren that were presiding over our stake.  Immediately, I thought that something had happened to one of my young women.  I jumped over cots and sleeping girls to get to the door.  I am sure it was quite the sight to see.   As I reached the porch, there stood my parents with enough blankets to keep my girls warm.  My mom and I went and covered each one of my sweet girls.  It was the most amazing experience that I will never forget.   As I placed a quilt on one of my sweet girls, she quietly responded, “I knew that you would come.  I was so cold.”  Of course, tears welled up in my eyes.  I am grateful for two sweet parents who felt the prompting to rescue their daughter and her sweet young women.  I am grateful that they made the 2 hour drive up a dark mountain in a rainstorm to be an answer to their daughter’s prayer and to the prayers of her sweet girls.  I can not even express the gratitude and love that I felt that night.  I knew that each of my sweet girls would be warm throughout the night...because my parents were so compassionate and close to the Spirit.  Thanks Mom and Dad for being such great examples to me.

As this year’s camp is growing closer...I have many worries.  Being a Stake Young Women’s President for the first time...I don’t have 26 sweet young women to worry about...I have over 200 of them to worry about.  I worry so much about each one of them.  I hope that my prayers will be heard and answered.  In fact, I know that they will.  I do have that much faith.

Have a great night!


Monday, May 3, 2010

aw…I love my slippers!!!


I woke up early...extremely early...this morning to the most undesirable feeling.  I strongly dislike (hate) this type of feeling.  The feeling that you know you will be staying close to your home and not leaving for any reason. I am not sure what was in the few items that I ate yesterday to cause such a horrible feeling today…BUT...something was in the food and it did not like me at all.  Along with the questionable feeling, I was cold one minute and then hot the next.  UGH!!  I stayed in my jammies, pulled on a sweatshirt, grabbed my quilt and slipped on my slippers. slippers...they bring me comfort.  I love them so much.  They cuddle my feet perfectly and keep them all snuggly and warm. If I have to have one of these types of days...I am grateful that I have my slippers to bring me comfort.  Aw…I love my slippers!!!

Hope your day was great & something brought you comfort!!