Monday, March 31, 2008

7 inches later....

For the past month or so, I have debating a HUGE idea. You know those kind of ideas that you think and think about, but are really unsure if you should do or should not do. So, you think and think about it some more. My SIL, Jessica, acted upon her idea last week. It ended up way cute!!

So, today, I acted upon my idea. I had an appointment after work with Rashelle. (Rashelle always has a different color of streak in her hear every time I go to her. It was BLUE today). She is the one that cuts my hair. Okay, she really only trims it. I get too nervous when my hair is cut more than an inch. Horrible memories come to mind. get the point!!

But, today, I walked into her salon.

She said, "Are we doing a trim?"

I said, "No–let’s cut it."

Side note: I made a hair appointment for my Mom (at the same time). I needed moral support. About four weeks ago, I had about 3 inches taken off my hair. That was huge for me. So, today, was indeed a much bigger deal.

Rashelle did a double-take.


"I want my hair cut."

"How short?"

"As short as yours–okay, maybe a little longer."

All she said was, "Yes!"

She washed & conditioned my hair.

We went to the chair and she stood behind me. It was so funny. She said, "Oh, I am so nervous." I replied, "You’re nervous, I am scared too death."

7 inches hair is cut!!

I, absolutely, LOVE it. I walked out into the waiting room–where my mom and this random lady was sitting. They both exclaimed that they loved it. Do you know what? I do, too!!! I am glad that I went 7 inches shorter.

I was just thinking, 4 weeks ago, I went 3 inches shorter and now today..7 more inches--10 inches in one month. (That is probably the most daring thing I have done in quite awhile).

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Naptime--what a dilemma!!

Naps...I hate them...ok, no, not really. I really do love naps. BUT, the problem with taking a nap for me on Sunday means that naptime is AFTER church. You might think, ya--so what? Well, my church is from 2 to 5. By the time, I arrive home from church it is close to 5:30. Then, it is time to make dinner. I make dinner, eat and then clean up. So, let's say...that is about 7:30. So, then, it is Nap Time. I take a nap and wake up about 8:30 or so. Then, bed at 10:30-NO WAY!!!

So, if you really think about it, there is really no time for naps on Sunday for me. But, I am tired. So, then, I take one. It is definitely crazy. Bedtime does not surface until around 3 am--which makes it totally crazy to start a week extremely exhausted.

So, what do you think? I thought about taking a nap before church--but that does not work at all. People call, visiting teaching, meetings--you get the picture.

So, then, I thought, hey, maybe I should skip church for a whole year and then, next year when it is 9:00 am, I can have a nap during the day. But, then, I thought, maybe I should learn to sleep with my eyes open and sleep during church. That really would not work--someone might talk to me and I would probably answer with something that probably would be weird--So, you see--naptime is a dilemma.

But, since I took a nap today...this is where I will be--wide awake trying to figure out what time would be a great time to take a nap on Sundays that does not leave awake in the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Movie & M&M's--the perfect ending to a Saturday!

This morning, I woke up and accomplished some of my "To Do" things and then, ventured to Spanish Fork for a whole day of dance. My niece, Kaylie, was dancing in a competition at Spanish Fork High. There were teams from all over Utah that competed--Oh, and one was from Wyoming--such a very long drive for those dancers. They competed ALL day long. My niece, Kaylie, has to be one of the most amazing dancers. She is so TALENTED!! I just love to watch her dance--she has talent and definitely, animation! I would attach pictures (I took A LOT!), but they were taken on my parents camera and have, yet, to be loaded onto the computer. So, just take my word for it...Kaylie is fantastic.

Afterwards...I ran to pick up a few things and look what I found...

Yep, I am in heaven!! M&M's are the BEST!!! They are definitely one of my comfort foods. YIPPEE SKIPPEE--a new flavor of M&M's. You do need to try them. They are interesting. I think that you either like them right off or you don't. My opinion: I like them. There are only 2 colors--bright red & burgundy. They're slightly larger than the standard M&M's (but not as big as a Peanut M&M). Oh, and the most important thing is that they are slightly irregular (yea, not a perfect circle--I just knew that M&M's would see my point of view about circles). I just love it when important companies take my point of view on things.

Then, it was off to watch....

What a perfect movie!!! I can tell that this movie will be one that I will watch over and over. I heart Patrick Dempsey. He was perfect in this movie. I loved Amy Adams. Her innocence added so much to this movie. If you have not watched it--you need to. What a perfect fairy tale!!

So, M&M's and a movie...a perfect ending to a Saturday!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Yep, I was tagged by Ker!!

I was tagged by my friend Ker-

You're feeling: tired, it has been a long week!

To your left: My phone, remote control, scrapbooking table

On your mind: creating my list of "To Do" for tomorrow

Last meal included: Fajitas from Joe Banditos

You sometimes find it hard to: sleep

The weather: cold

Something you have a collection of: Scrapbook supplies and charms

A smell that cheers you up: homemade Chocolate Chip cookies baking in the oven

A smell that can ruin your mood: the smell of my food burning

How long since you last shaved: This morning--I have to shave every morning!!

Yesterday, The current state of your hair: Straight

The largest item on your desk/workspace (not computer): Bouquet of flowers--I LOVE flowers (especially Gerber daises)!!

Your skill with chopsticks: Perfect to pinning your hair up--that is the only thing I can do with them.

Which section you head for first in a bookstore: fiction, drama

Something your craving: homemade "soft" chocolate chip cookies (the thought of them baking in the oven makes me want them)

Your general thoughts on the presidential race: I agree with Ker, I try not to think about it! It’s scary right now.

How many times you've been hospitalized this year: None in 2008.

Favorite place to go for a quiet moment: My bedroom

You've always secretly thought you'd be a good: I am not sure-a teacher

Something that freaks you out a little: Spiders, snakes and mice

Something you've eaten too much of lately: Hot Tamales

You have never: jumped out of a plane (a moving truck, but never a plane)

You never want to: Being away from my family

That was an interesting post. You know what? It really makes you think. Thanks Ker for tagging me.

The friends that I think that I will have to tag: Jessica, Gerb, Vieve, and Carly.

Have a fantastic day!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

when you get a migraine...go see Mom!

You know those days when you wake up and think it is going to be a good day and then, just minutes into the day, you are ready to climb back into bed and curl up with your blankets and pillows? Well, this was me today. I woke up, got ready for work, and then was hit with an awful MIGRAINE. I called into work and said that I would be late...climbed the stairs, crawled to my bathroom floor and tried to sleep on the cold tile floor. I knew if I would move at all, I would probably passed out. This was an awful one!! A couple of hours later, I crawled downstairs, retrieved a ice pack from the freezer and crawled back upstairs and curled in my bed for the next 4 or so hours. (Yes, literally, crawled) I do get migraines, but this one came on way too fast and hurt way too bad. I am not a doctor person...every time I go, it is either nothing is wrong or I end up having something horrible. So, I HATE going to the doctors. But, today, if the pain did not subside, I was going to go to the emergency room. The pain did subside. Thank goodness!!!

Anyway, I ended up going into work for a couple of hours and then, I headed over to Mom's for some TLC. I curled up on her couch with a blanket and with my head on a pillow on her lap, I fell asleep for a couple of more hours. Then, we had dinner and watched CSI:Miami--yep, still curled up on the couch right next to my Mom. Don't you think that I have the coolest Mom ever? Not a lot of Mom's would sit there for a couple of hours while their daughter (all grown-up) slept with her head on her lap. My Mom is my security. I am grateful that she is my Mom!! I don't think that I would have ever chosen a different Mom. She is truly a great person. I am grateful that we get a long so great. Don't get me wrong, we do have squabbles, but they don't last long. We love to shop, scrapbook, make cards, cook and laugh together. I am grateful that she is a huge part of my life.

Thanks Mom for that extra TLC today!!! I truly needed it!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

coloring Easter eggs

Being single is sometimes difficult when you are living in a family type world. One thing that is especially difficult is when it comes to holidays. Holidays are for families. They are not really the designed for the single people in the world. So, I think they are typically tough, but I am always grateful that I have a family that lives close by.

So, this Easter when families are gathering together to decorate Easter eggs and await for the Easter Bunny to drop on by, the single people are trying to keep their head above water. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is extremely difficult. As for my life, I am starting to really dread holidays.

BUT, I am grateful that I have family that tries to share in the "little kid type things" with me. My parents have been amazing with the whole holiday excitement. Plus, Shad & Jessica have always tried to include me in with their holiday festivities. This has helped the single one in the family bear holidays a little bit easier. Thanks!!

Anyway, last night, my Mom and Dad along with my brother & sister-in-law (Shad & Jessica) and with my darling niece-Brylie set out for some those "little kid type things".
After a delicious dinner at Cafe Rio, we headed to Mom & Dad's to start our Easter Festivities. The event was COLORING EASTER EGGS!!! We had all types of colors. We had markers, crayons, and plenty of color. We sponged the eggs--which created "Speckled" eggs. Those ended up pretty cool!

We tried to get Brylie excited about coloring eggs. Since, she is only 11 months old and she really did not really get the concept of what we were doing. Every time she saw an egg, she would cry. She had already been to an Easter party earlier in the day...maybe, she had too much excitement for one day. But, all in all we had lots of fun.

We ended up coloring 3 dozen eggs just for fun. No, the Easter Bunny does not gather these eggs to hide them...they are actually cracked, peeled and made into Mom's delicious homemade deviled eggs. So, before Mom made her delicious entree, I took a few pictures for memory sake.

Yes, I am a girly girl and all my eggs had to do with flowers, heart and such things like that...I do have to admit my favorite egg was the
one created by my goofy brother, Shad. It was too cool. I even made him pose for this picture with his egg....don't you think that they look like each other. I think it was a self-portrait-what do you think?

Thanks Mom, Dad, Shad, Jessica & Brylie for a delightful night!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

the big "Crack-Off" event...

Since today is Good Friday, there were a lot of people out enjoying this lovely Spring weather that we have been having here in the state of Utah. But, the company that I work for does not observe Good Friday in the way that every other company observes it--we get to work. So, the geniuses in our Internet department have created a moment of fun. I am not sure how long this event has been going on, but I had the opportunity to participate in it this year. This event is known as the "Crack-Off".

There are a few guidelines that have to be observed if you are participating in the Crack-Off:

  1. your eggs have to be hard-boiled (in all actuality, it would be interesting to see raw eggs as an added event--ha ha)

  2. you can not add anything to the eggs that would help with the endurance of the shell

  3. your eggs need to be decorated

So, I boiled my eggs to the hard stage (I had to call into the office to find out how long to boil eggs--I think that I have only boiled eggs at my parents home under the supervision of my Mom). Then, I decorated them. I chose the black and white theme. What do you think?

So, at high noon, the Crack-Off began. I am not sure who is the creator of such event-but it was crazy fun. Two people go against each other. They stand at opposite ends of the table and at the count of 3, they roll one egg towards each other. When they smash into each other, the egg that does not crack wins and then, advances to the next round.

Well, Mr. Spots made it through the first round and had the pleasure of advancing to the next round. But, he did not make it through the second round. In fact, he died of a crushed shell. It was so sad!! Poor Vieve's egg died in the first round. She rolled it so hard that it exploded when it hit the other egg. There was blood (egg white juice could be called blood, couldn't it?) everywhere. I think that she should have gotten an award for the most brutally murdered egg.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

meet my late night friends...

I have friends that seem to worship television. They watch hours and hours of television a day. As for me, I could do with it or without it. I do admit that when I arrive home, I turn on the TV. Not because I have a list of shows to watch, but I turn it on for the noise. I like the noise--whether I am cooking dinner, scrapbooking or stamping, cleaning, or just reading--I could say that TV is my family when I am at my condo.

BUT, when it comes to Monday nights and late nights, my television automatically turns to CSI:Miami. (Thank goodness for A&E and their many showings of CSI:Miami). I am hooked!!! I could watch CSI:Miami for hours and hours. In fact, my mom and I had scrapbooked one day to approximately 7 hours of Horatio Caine and we did not get sick of him nor the rest of the cast. In fact, I think Erik (Adam Rodriguez) is completely a hottie. Then, Calleigh (Emily Proctore) is the coolest crime solver. Okay, we would have to add Alexx (Khandi Alexander) and Natalia (Eva Lu Rue) as being pretty awesome crime solvers. I am a tad bit disturbed with by Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo). I can not believe he is not a part of CSI--which makes me a tad bit angry. At least he is on the show being a stupid news reporter--which I think is disturbing. (Not that news reporting is disturbing, but as a CSI agent--come on.)

I think that if I was to do the whole career thing again...I think that I would love to go into this type of forensics. Okay, maybe I would be chicken--it can be scary watching it on television--can you imagine what it is like in real for right now, I will settle for these late night friends!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

...I am so blessed!

Anyway, today before Sacrament meeting, one of my Laurels (at least she was one my Laurels when I was YW President), Mackenzie, walked in holding a guys hand. When I moved into the ward, I was called as Mia Maid Advisor and Kenzie was one of my Mia Maids. Then, when I was called as YW Presidnet, she became one of my Laurels. I was thinking about all the many different activities we did together. She is one of those amazing young women with whom I learned a lot from. I have watched her grow up.

After Sacrament Meeting, she stood up, turned around and came right over to me. She said, "Sister Gren, I have something to show you." She reaches toward me with her left hand. YES, she had a diamond on it. She then says, "I just had to come and show you first." It was great!! We screamed (in the most reverent way-hee hee) and hugged. Oh, what a great joy it is to have taught some one in Young Women's for so long and see that she has made such a wonderful and righteous choice. She shared with me all the details of his proposal to her. Oh, I am so excited for her. Her fiance then came up and she introduced me to him. It was great!!! But, let me share with you, it is one of those most amazing and gratifying feelings to know that the moments and dedication in being a young women's leader pays off when you see a young women make a righteous choice. Congratulations Mackenzie and THANKS for sharing this day with me.

So, tonight, I had just finished talking on the phone with my Mom when I heard the doorbell ring. I ran down the flight of stairs to get to the door. Since I had my bedroom door shut, I was not sure if that was the first ring or second ring get it! When I opened the door, I was greeted by one of the most darling girl's ever. She brought a HUGE smile and a paper sack.

"HI!" She then hands me a paper sack...

I took the paper sack and it felt warm. At that moment, I knew what it was.... (oh, I got all excited for I knew that I was completely blessed).

Gerb's delicious potato soup!!!

Oh, my, let me tell you how fabulous this soup was! Gerb, you are simply amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing this yummy soup with me. PLUS, thanks for being the kind of friend that makes me feel so blessed and have warm fuzzies all over!! Also, Thanks Kenzie for your sweetness today and CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Friendship Fudge

On Sunday, we (our Stake Young Women Presidency) had the privilege of teaching one of the wards in our stake. It was great!! We were visiting them for Ward Conference and I thought it was great to be asked to teach. In fact, I love to teach. It is one of those things that I really love to do. I know, call me crazy--I will admit, I am crazy! Anyway, our topic was Friendship & Unity. I was asked to teach the first part--basically, I introduced the topic. I handed out bags of ingredients. Each bag was labeled with the words: Friendship, Teamwork, Prayer, Unity, Commitment, and Service.

We started out with the bag Friendship--it had powdered sugar in it. We talked about the importance of Friendship, having friends and being a friend. Then, we added prayer (cocoa) and as we went down the list of ingredients, we talked about the importance of each word--adding the ingredients to the bag. When we arrived at the last ingredient, we talked about Teamwork--how we all work as a team. Then, we took turns squeezing the bag. As each girl squeezed the bag, the ingredients mixed together. At the end, we had Friendship Fudge.

This is a lot of fun. I still remember using this as an object lesson for YCL training, last year. A member of the Stake Presidency was in attendance. He looked at the bag of ingredients and just knew that this would not turn into anything. He said that he felt bad that such a great lesson would go to waste. He was the last one to squeeze the bag--he was completely amazed that it worked. The bag of ingredients turned into DELICIOUS FUDGE!!! A side note: I knew that it would work--I tried it before I presented it.

Here is the recipe if you would like to try it on your own:

Friendship Fudge

Mix in a gallon ziplock bag:

4 cups powdered sugar

3 ounces of softened cream cheese

1/2 cup softened margarine

1/2 cup cocoa

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 chopped nuts

Mix ingredients together by squeezing the bag and passing it around the group. When it is mixed together, roll into a log and slice and serve. (You may need extra powdered sugar or eat with spoons).

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I do have a thing for Fire Engines....

Ker challenged us to share an embarrassing moment. I get embarrassed a lot. So, I had to really think about one that stood out in my mind. Whenever anyone asks me about my most embarrassing moment, I would have to say–my clothes falling off. But, I have one that is pretty close to that one..

This happened one particular Friday. I need to give a bit of detail so, that you might understand where my brain was–or lack there of.

I had arrived home after a yucky day at work. It was long and at the time, I was working with a lady that her goal in life was to make everyone’s life a living hell. The message light was blinking on our home phone. I clicked the button and for the next 2 minutes, the guy that I was so much in love with was breaking up with me on my home phone. I was completely devastated. First, I could not believe that he was breaking up with me. Second, I could not believe that he left a message on my home phone–he wanted all my roommates to know that he was through and now available again. It was awful. So, being a girl with a sensitive heart and instant tears–you can just imagine what it was like.

My roommates, after telling me several times that I am better off without him, decided to try and salvage my night and my heart (and my life–which I knew was falling completely apart). They called our friend, Jennifer. Jennifer, then, arranged for several friends to get together at her home for dinner and games. After quite a long time of convincing me that I needed to go, I found myself at Jen’s. As I walked in, there were some totally adorable and gorgeous guys along with some of our friends from the ward. Dinner was nice–I do have to admit–a lot of fun.

Ok, my friends were trying extremely hard to have me think of things other than that voice mail that I had received earlier in the day. When all of a sudden, one of the (might I add-GORGEOUS) guys started telling a story. In the middle of the story, he says "Fire Engine". I have to admit I was not listening to his story, but when he said "Fire Engine", I made this VERY LOUD Fire Engine sound. When I realized that this sound came from me...EVERYONE was staring at me. I was mortified. I could not believe what I just did. Thank goodness for wonderful roommates–they just burst out laughing and which seemed a zillion years passed–others started laughing, too!! Dying of humiliation, I retreated to the bathroom where I just burst out into tears. It was quite awhile before I dared step out into the room–to face everyone especially those guys.

For a long time, every time I ran into those guys, they would ask me how my Fire Engine sound was coming along. HOW EMBARRASSING!!!

Just an added thought...maybe I do have a thing for Fire Engines.....

(another exerpt from my journal)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday's thought...

Tuesday's thought of the day...

"Enjoy the little things in life,
for one day you may look back and
realize they were the big things!"

What are the "little things"
in your life?

Monday, March 3, 2008

HELLO, new friend....

Well, the time has come to retire my Pink Razor. Lately, it has kind of had a mind of its own. It does not like the number 9, so it will not dial it. It does not like arrow keys at all. No matter how frustrated you become with it, it will not arrow up, down, to the left or to the right. Do you know how important the arrow keys are when you want to look up an address, retrieve your voice messages, type a text message, and yes, the list goes on and on? So, being almost 3 years old, my Pink Razor has had its proper memorial service. So long good friend, but HELLO new friend...Let me introduce you to...
Yes, this is my new friend and I am excited about it. There are lots and lots of fun and exciting features that I do not have a clue how to use, BUT...I know that I will have fun learning. As for right now, I know how to make and answer calls, check the time, text, and turn down the ringer--yep, that is about it. It has been fun except that I pushed a wrong button, left a lengthy message on someone's phone--then, realized when my Mom called to tell me that I placed the message on her cell phone...I guess, I really do not know how to make calls. So, if you receive any wacky calls or texts from me...just laugh. It is just ME--trying to figure out my new phone. Oh, I did test it does dial 9's and the arrow keys move in the proper direction.