Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chocolate...the best melt-down ever!!

My nephews needed a ride home from school so, they called their grandma to rescue them. Their grandma, my mom, went to their aide. These particular nephews were unable to attend our family Easter dinner this past Sunday; therefore, they had not received their Easter presents from my parents.

Mom decided to give them their presents when she went to pick them up. She placed their Easter gifts on the seat where they normally sit. Austin's on the front seat and Tanner's on the back seat.

First, she picks up Austin. Austin climbs into the car and starts opening his Easter gifts. Then, it time to get Tanner so they drive to his school. While they are waiting for Tanner, they start chatting about this and that. Then, Austin looks in the back seat . . . "Grandma! Tanner’s chocolate bunny just had a melt down!" My mom looks in the backseat and finds a pile of melted chocolate. "Yes, he definitely did!"

Who would think that chocolate bunnies have the capability of having “melt downs”?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I broke a tradition!!

I broke a tradition tonight. Am I sad? Am I happy? HMMM!!!

This tradition started several years ago. For the past several years, on April 15th, my mom and I would drive to the local post office at approximately 10:30 P.M. I would hand the envelopes containing my income tax over to the clerk. In return, she would smile (or growl) and drop them into the HUGE bin of other envelopes waiting to be sent to their destinations.

BUT, this year, I broke tradition. I filed my taxes electronically this evening. One day early!! Am I sad that I broke a tradition? HMM!!! I would say that it is a bitter/sweet feeling. I am so glad that I can mark another task off my mile long list but, I am sad that I won’t see those familiar faces tomorrow evening. Maybe...just maybe...I will drop by the post office tomorrow evening at 10:30 PM.

Happy Tax day tomorrow!!