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Disneyland…in two days!

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Hello, Michelle’s readers! My name is Vieve and I’m here to guest blog! Michelle asked me to tell you all my secrets…regarding Disneyland. I am
here to let you know how to get through Disneyland in two days. I know some people know how to do this better than I do, but I think my way is pretty efficient. First of all, pick a good time to go. The best, and slowest times to go are definitely not summer. Summer is a great time to go because everyone is out of school, but that’s the downside, everyone is out of school, so everyone is there. The 2 best times of year are in March (it is warm!) and November – the first two weeks only, then it gets pretty crazy. A good tip also is to go during the week. Yes, it’s easier to get the weekend off, but there are more people there.

After you’ve picked the best time, and gotten your tickets, go early. I’m not saying like, crack of dawn be there, but as soon as the park opens (usually at 9) you need to be there, in the park already. You can be in the park for about an hour before it opens, just not on any rides. Bring water. No matter the time of year you’re going to want to stay hydrated. During these two times, March and November, bring a jacket. Yes, you’ll just be dragging it around all day, but when it gets dark and the sun goes down, you’ll be so glad you brought it.

When you enter the park, immediately get a fast pass for a ride. There are only a few fast-passable rides there, and they’ll have the longest lines. It’s up to you which one you want to do, but I usually do one for Space Mountain. Then, if the line isn’t too long, ride the ride. If it’s too long, go find a shorter line ride, and ride that. If there’s another one close by without a line, do that as well, and then return to do your fast pass. Keep this going all day. Fast pass the rides with the longest lines (Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones, Space Tours) and then ride the other rides at your leisure. You’ll get a lot more done, and the lines won’t make you want to give up.

The issue of food at Disneyland is a hotly debated one. Myself, I like to save myself up a little money, and use it to splurge on Disneyland food, because I really enjoy it there. Plus, the meals are so big, that two people can eat them. The reason you wouldn’t want to eat so much, also, is because DLand treats are so good. The one thing you MUST get is a churro. SO GOOD. Also, I recommend a frozen banana, and the Tollhouse Cookie Sandwich. They do sell them everywhere, but for some reason, they are really good there! And for food places, hit up the Stagedoor Café, the Pizza Port, and if you want to spend a little extra, the Blue Bayou (which you need a reservation for, so plan ahead). To end the day in DLand, watch the fireworks. They are awesome, and the best fireworks I’ve ever seen.

Now, after you’ve spent all day in Disneyland, if you follow my formula, don’t dilly-dally, you can definitely finish all of DLand in a day, which means, for day 2, head over to California Adventure, you won’t want to miss it. As soon as you get there (opening time, guys!) IMMEDIATELY get a fast pass for World of Color. Trust me – this is something you won’t want to miss. After you get that fast pass, head over to Cars Land and get one for that ride. Usually, you can’t have two fast passes at the same time, but these 2 are special ones, so it’s allowed. Then, get a fast pass for either Soarin’ Over California (I recommend) or Tower of Terror, or Screamin’. Then, follow the same formula, fast pass a ride, ride the shorter lines. Over here, I recommend eating at the Corn Dog Castle, Pacific Wharf Café (Soup bowls!) and to end the day, grab some ice cream at Burrrrbank. After all that, end the day with World of Color, I love that .


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That, my friends, is a great way to Disneyland in two days. I will warn you, by day two, you will be tired, and after that day, you’ll be glad for the break. If you do a longer trip, you can take your time, and really enjoy the sites, but sometimes, it’s nice to get away just for a couple of days. I hope you can take a trip soon, and enjoy yourselves! Thanks for reading – and thanks to Michelle for allowing me to guest on here!

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Thanks Vieve for being my guest today on my blog!!  You are an awesome friend and know so much about Disneyland!!


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