Friday, September 19, 2008

favorite things friday...Strawberry Ice Cream

One of my favorite things is...
Strawberry ice cream!!

I love ice cream, but my most favorite flavor in the whole entire world is STRAWBERRY!! It is a very known fact that Strawberry ice cream can turn the most horrendous day and turn it upside down and make it the most pleasant day ever. It is really true-at least for me. (Actually, to tell you the truth–any flavor of ice cream can make my day. I just love ice cream!!!) Oh, let me add...homemade strawberry ice cream is to die for!!!

So, let me share with you an experience...when I was living in Alta Apartments (north of BYU), I had a next door neighbor that I thought the world of. She was great and her name was Crystal. We had so much in common. We loved to do the same things, we were studying almost the same major and sometimes we even liked the same boys. But, there was one thing different. I had fabulous roommates and she did not. Her roommates were kind of a challenge. I was thankful everyday that I had the roommates that I did. I am not sure I would have lasted a semester with hers.

Anyway, I would be studying away in my apartment when the phone would ring, it would be for me and all I heard was a voice on the other end of the phone say, "Parking Lot". That was the code word to hurry out to the parking lot because Crystal was in need of a friend. Oh, It also worked the other way, too All I would need to say is the two code words "parking lot" and Crystal would be out there in a flash. We would jump into my car and head over to Springville. Our favorite ice cream place was called the Polar King and they had delicious ice cream–a different flavor every day. We would purchase our ice cream cones and sit and talk and talk and talk. When our ice cream cones were all finished, life was so much better. By the time we arrived back into the parking lot, we, usually, were laughing and ready to solve the world’s problems. Okay, maybe not the world’s, but maybe our own...

I know for a fact that ice cream brought a lot of warm fuzzies on some days that were not the greatest for Crystal and myself. If you ever have a sad day, call me up and say those 2 code words and I will rescue with ice cream!!

P.S. I am grateful for ice cream-especially, strawberry, parking lots, my friend-Crystal, memories, and laughter.


¡Vieve! said...

I love having code words with friends! And strawberry is definitely a favorite of the ice creams.

shaunandammie said...

We all need good ice cream buddies!! I live close to a Dairy Queen so that means with all this ice cream talk, I've got to go!!

Birgitta said...

what a nice story...I got all teared up just reading it. :)

I love ice cream too! My favorite is mint oreo...have you ever heard of Banana chocolate fudge? That's delicious too.