Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It is not about ice cream!

images I love music. Listening to certain songs can change my mood so easily…lifting it when it needs to be lifted. Do you have songs that immediately lift your mood? I have a playlist on my computer at work that makes me smile. It makes me just giggle when I listen to it. Amongst the many songs in this playlist, there is one that I love. It can lift my mood at any time. It makes me smile. Sweet Carolina. I love that song. I loved it when I was younger and I love it still to this day. Well, there is another song that makes me smile when I hear it. When I am having a rough day, I choose these two songs to listen and my mood immediately brightens.

As I was working on a less than fun project at work, I clicked on this particular playlist to brighten my mood. I was singing (in my mind) to Sweet Carolina (occasionally out loud…not intentionally). Then, the next song started to play…I was singing it when I realized that the song was not about ice cream or a treat in the afternoon, it was about something else. Oh my goodness…I have been listening to this song for years and never ever realized what the words meant. I was mortified. It has a catchy tune and I loved the lyrics but…let’s just say it isn’t about ice cream.

Of course, I didn’t keep my new found knowledge to myself. I blurted it out…thinking that maybe someone else thought it was about ice cream. Um…they didn’t.

Let’s just say that I did make my friends smile and laugh.

Note to self: Listen to the words of the song BEFORE it becomes one of your favorites.

Have a happy day!



Jessica Gren said...

Hahaha. Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard last night on that one. Although it is nice that your mind isn't all corupted and you didn't immediatley knew what the song was about instead your clean mind decided it was about something else!!! I am still chuckling to myself as I picture you sitting at your desk and singing away about what you thought was just a simple song about ice cream!!!!

¡Vieve! said...

What song is this? I feel like you should have shared with your readers what song this was. Because now, I don't think you can have your afternoon delighty treat without thinking of the true meaning of this song. ;)

¡Vieve! said...

I love so much when you turned to us after you realized what the song was about! Don't feel too bad about not knowing what the song is about - not a lot of people do! Hopefully you can still enjoy your afternoon treat of delightfulness!

Jessica Gren said...

Hahaha!! I laughed so hard when you were telling me about this! I can picture you sittin at your desk rockin along to this wonderful "icecream song" while everyone around you is thinking really Michelle likes a song about THAT? LOL. I love that you have such an innocent mind that you would automatically think it was about something innocent like that!!!